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Song of Breath

Song of Breath

  • Genom Yvette
  • Release 2013-03-03
  • Musikgenre International
  • Media-Format CD
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Co-produced with the masterful Ben Leinbach (Deva Premal, Jai Uttal), Yvette's new concept album 'The Song Of Breath' invites the listener deep into the heart of our most loyal and divine breath. This eternally bound 52 minute CD serenades one of the most popular and sung of Hindu prayers, 'The Hanuman Chalisa'. Beginning with 'Invocation' and 'Birth of Breath,' Yvette's lusciously hypnotic vocals soar beyond the mind to the energetic life force breathing within. The gifted Benjy Wertheimer sets a meditative zone with his authentic Indian esraj. Just when we are saturated with the mystic's call, the rhythmic vocal prowess of Girish breezes in as 'Breath of Life' flavors with a cool, jazz feel and some modern grooves. 'Breath of Life' peaks with a vocal celebration of life as Yvette and Girish duet to the top of the Himalayas where Hanuman fortuitously returns the Lover to the Beloved. With flowing keyboard and love-infused viola, Yvette offers up the last trinity of the Chalisa in prayer. 'Breath of Transition' respires a solo journey where a life's memory of inhales are released and the final exhale is returned to it's waiting Source. Yvette's 'The Song of Breath' is a provocative invitation of remembrance of a most graceful gift - our very breath. Her soulful voice calls upon us to awaken the slumbering hero within and to recall our limitless strength and unbounding love, which arise from and return to the Source within us all, with every sacred breath we take. 'Yvette is a beautiful soul and spirited singer who brings it straight from the heart." - Ben Leinbach 'Yvette Om's CD 'The Song of Breath' is an inspired interpretation of the sacred Hanuman Chalisa and leads us on a magical journey through many diverse and beautiful musical and devotional moods. Co-produced by the acclaimed and gifted, Ben Leinbach, 'The Song of Breath' brings out the sweetness and depth of Yvette's gorgeous voice and showcases her passionate heart!' - David Newman Yvette has recorded with David Newman, Gaura Vani, Girish and has shared the Kirtan stage with Russill Paul, author of "The Yoga of Sound." She released her Kirtan CD debut "Into the Arms of Love" in April of 2010 which was co-produced in New York with producer/musician/engineer Frank Wolf and received with much acclaim. * An 8 page insert flowing with Yvette's reflections about the nature of Breath are included in hard copy purchases.


Konstnären: Yvette
Titel: Song of Breath
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 2013-03-03
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501873543