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Hard Times in Da Country

Hard Times in Da Country

  • Genom Terror Time
  • Release 2006-05-18
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media-Format CD
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. Terror Time aka Taje Jones was born in Cleveland but spent his adolescent and teenage years growing up in Macon Georgia. During this time Taje became a fixture on some of the rougher streets of the Mac Town especially the southside. Taje's 13th birthday found him a resident of the RYDC, basically a jail for troubled youth where he spent 6 months of his young life being told when to eat and sleep. Soon after his release Taje bought his first Keyboard and started to create his own beats, a talent that seemed to find him naturally. During this period Terror began to compose his own lyrics as well, influenced early on by mainly West coast rappers such as Warren G, Nate Dogg and of course Snoop. Rapping at party's and talent shows Terror began to develop a rap style and voice that was unique and different from anything being played on the radio. But with a new sound & style Taje became unsure of where his music fit in the world of hip hop during a time when east & west coast seemed to dominate the scene. Then at age fifteen Taje heard the Master P classic I'M Bout it, a track that would begin to usher in a new era of Hip Hop, the era of the Dirty South. From that moment on Terror has had no doubt that his musical vision is on a collision course with destiny to soon be one of the south's favorite sons. In 2001 Terror began to make underground recordings in the Mac Town, sellin them on the streets, at party's and in the clubs. He soon began to attract a lot of attention from area hip hop fans as an up and coming force to be reckoned with. During that same period Terror met another Mac Town MC known as Gangsta Blacc. Terror & Gangsta Blacc had a magical chemistry from the start. Soon Terror would bring other MC's into his fold many of them his own relatives and form one of the most talented hip hop crews in the Southland. Thus the Bad Habit Soldiers were Born as was the lable Bad Habit Records. 2003 saw the release of In The Zone 3 a underground album considered by many rap fans in the Mac Town as a Classic in the genre of the Dirty South Style. Terror Time's mixture of dark subject matter with beats that sometimes had elements of very heavy sounding music styles such as grunge rock or Goth earned Terror Time a title amongst many as the Grinch of Crunk. A highlight of that year came when Terror Time got to open the show for ATL Rapper Pastor Troy at Club Money in Macon. Being impressed with what he heard Pastor Troy asked Tage if he could get a demo. A year or so later Terror was shocked to hear the latest Pastor Troy recording in what could only be interpreted as a blatant attempt to steal the Terror's style and run with it. This experience left Tage disillusioned with the Rap game but not deterred. After the release of In The Zone 3, due to some personal issues Terror Time had to return to Cleveland, the city where he was born and had spent the first ten years of his life. Upon arriving in Cleveland Terror picked up right where he left off, recording at a feverish pace and putting out underground recordings and mixtapes. Then during a talent competition in August of 2003 Terror caught the attention of CEO and President of Billionaire Records The Kingpin. Knowing right away the magnitude of the talent before him, the Kingpin knew signing Terror would be a coup for the lable and that Terror Time was destined to be one of the South's biggest names. After some months of convincing Terror that Billionaire Records was the lable that could launch him, Terror Time and The Kingpin began to lay the ground work for Terror Time's first Official Album. Late 2004 saw the first tracks being laid down to the Album Hard Times in The Country. Over the next year most of the members of the Bad Habit Soldiers would relocate to Cleveland to assist Terror Time in the making of this all important debut album. Released in July of 2006 this debut album by one of the south's brightest lights is starting to convince both critics and fans alike that the south's true king of Crunk may not be from ATL but instead be lying in the shadows in a City 50 miles south called the Mac Town.


Konstnären: Terror Time
Titel: Hard Times in Da Country
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2006-05-18
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101159333


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