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Time Machine Is Broken

Time Machine Is Broken

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At the beginning of the new millennium things were not going so well for singer-songwriter Regan Lane. He had given away the house, job, kids, family and friends and was sitting on Tacoma's waterfront in a broken down Civic, with nothing more to his name than an empty crack pipe and a nasty opiate addiction. He was lost, helpless and hopeless. Now fast forward to 2013. In recovery for a few 24 hours with a changed outlook and perspective on life, the winds of the universe brought a new person into Regan's life. A musical partnership and friendship with bass player and vocalist Ken Schaff was born. As the two got to know each other a mutual love of playing music live was shared. After much discussion and rambling thought, armed with Regan's 11 new songs and the idea that we all have special talents and gifts, they said... "Let's make a band!'... So they picked up their instruments and started to play. And so it came to be in near record time that Jeff Reiner (guitars), Preston Darvill (drums and percussion) and Lee Gregory (keyboards, vocals) joined and the band of misfits that is Strangely Alright was born. "The Time Machine is Broken" is their first release, a positive, realistic and hopeful point of view from Regan and his band mates. Time, acceptance, taking action, living in the moment, forgiveness and invariably love are the recurring lyrical themes that are addressed, with a point of view that could be considered spiritual but is based on the thought that basically you get what you give. With Lane's emotional vocals, crunchy and chiming electric/ acoustic guitars, lush background harmonies and swirling mellotrons and strings Strangely Alright's new CD is both modern and retro. The colorful production of producers Todd Ensminger and Regan Lane create an intricate sonic world that is a headphone enthusiasts dream comes true! In the" sounds like category" the Strangely boys are in the classic rock and power pop vein, with The Beatles,Jellyfish, The Grays, Be Bop Deluxe,XTC, Badfinger,Michael Penn and Crowded House all coming to mind. Standout tracks include the driving power pop and call to action in Train to Nowhere ("do nothing, get nothing at all"),the lilting harmony laden Just How It Goes( "when you think you know everything, there's nothing you know") the CD title line from the acoustic driven and psychedelic If I Don't Laugh I'm Only Going To Cry ("The time machine is broken, the rear-view mirror is cracked") the atmospheric and rhythmic ballad Before The Fall (" I've learned to love myself, and see that I can cry") and the summer time vibe and joy of being in love that is the final cut You and Me. ("Singing silly love songs, running barefoot on the beach"). With the belief that music connects us in ways that we don't always understand, these 5 distinct personalities come together to create relatable stories and a pretty cool sound that can only be described as...Strangely Alright.


Konstnären: Strangely Alright
Titel: Time Machine Is Broken
Genre: Pop
Releasedatum: 2013-06-01
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 700261382456