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Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Cure Tobacco

Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Cure Tobacco

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Quit Smoking easily with Dr. Gurgevich's Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Cure Tobacco Addiction 2-CD Set 'The key to curing tobacco addiction is motivation, which must come from within. Of the tools available to help you in this process, hypnotic trancework is one with the best track record. In this audio program, Dr. Steven Gurgevich, a highly skilled hypnotherapist, give you the background information you need to undertake this kind of work, then guides you through trancework session. Set a date for your attempt to quit the habit, then use these recordings to make your attempt successful!' -- Andrew Weil, MD Dr. Gurgevich's Amazing Hypnotic Tonic contains not one, but two powerful formulas: Dose/Disc One prepares you to quit. It helps you make small and comfortable behavioral changes that set the stage for a successful quit. While you are still smoking, the hypnotic trancework is nourishing your subconscious mind with potent ideas and hypnotic suggestions. You take doses of Disc One daily until the desired effect (being absolutely ready to successfully quit). Upon quitting, follow immediately with Dose/Disc Two, taking as many doses as needed each day until cured of tobacco addiction. Dose/Disc Two contains three separate trancework sessions designed to reinforce your comfort, confidence, and determination to enjoy your achievement as a nonsmoker. One trancework is short (about the time it takes to smoke a cigarette) and is designed to give your a 'refreshment break' whenever you feel the desire to use tobacco. Another is about twenty minutes long and is designed to powerfully reinforce your comfort while delivering hypnotic suggestions to maintain the behavioral changes and to evoke potent post-hypnotic responses. And the third trancework is designed to be used at bedtime, when the hypnotic suggestions can more deeply penetrate into your subconscious mind. Each of the trancework sessions are designed to help you achieve a deep relaxation while reinforcing your subconscious mind's ability and power to comfortably protect you from tobacco. Hypnotic suggestions delivered to your subconscious mind during the trancework sessions also reinforce the post-hypnotic suggestions that are linked to the many behavioral changes that you will have created. In short, you use Dose/Disc One for as long as necessary to prepare you to quit. And then you use the trancework sessions in Dose/Disc Two as much as needed until you are cured of the addiction to tobacco. Here's what is in/on each Dose/Disc. Dose/Disc One (Preparation to Quit) * Track 1 -- Introduction and Instructions * Track 2 -- 'Crossing the Ravine' Metaphor * Track 3 -- Behavioral Tools * Track 4 -- Keep Smoking, Deliberately * Track 5 --Top Ten List * Track 6 -- Greatest Risk Factor * Track 7 -- Cigarettes as Friends? * Track 8 -- Addiction & Nicotine * Track 9 -- Controlling What to Expect * Track 10 - Setting the Date * Track 11 - Daily Trancework (nourishes your subconscious mind with hypnotic suggestions in preparation to quit tobacco use, and boosts your motivation and desire for success. Dose/Disc Two (Successful Quit) * Track 1 -- 'Hypnotic Refreshment' replaces a cigarette break with a hypnotic break to refresh and calm nerves and remove uncomfortable cravings. * Track 2 -- 'Daytime Trancework' is a daytime dose of hypnotic suggestions, reinforcing comfort, confidence, and success. * Track 3 -- 'Bedtime Trancework' is a bedtime dose of hypnotic suggestions, deeply penetrating the subconscious mind for a more effective hypnotic cure. WARNING: Side effects of using Dr. Gurgevich's Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Cure Tobacco Addiction include: clean breath, increased energy and stamina, calm nerves, healthy lungs, increased life expectancy, decreased risk of lung/heart disease, decreased risk of cancer, and greater confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Steven Gurgevich specializes in Mind/Body and Clinical Hypnosis. In addition to his private practice at Behavioral Medicine, Ltd., he is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Dr. Andrew Weil's Program of Integrative Medicine. He is a Fellow and Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, and Certified as an Approved Consultant by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


Konstnären: Steven Gurgevich
Titel: Amazing Hypnotic Tonic to Cure Tobacco
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2002-09-09
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 659057308425
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