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Simple Gift

Simple Gift

  • Genom Simple Gifts
  • Release 2002-12-03
  • Musikgenre Easy Listening
  • Media-Format CD
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When I am playing, I am in another zone. When I don't even think about my hands, I make fewer mistakes, and it's more emotional. It all seems to happen in a wonderful way.' --Billy McLaughlin Often, the more virtuosic the musician, the more distant and impersonal the music. With Billy McLaughlin, however, acoustic fingerstyle wizardry is only a tool, allowing the feeling in the songs to come through. 'I probably listen to more singers than anything. If I'm doing my job, I can get my guitar to be that emotive. Some people still need to hear that actual voice, but those that are open to hearing it will find it. I love all kinds of music, and I never wanted to hold back the expressive side of performing by limiting myself.'--Billy McLaughlin Billy's latest release is A Simple Gift, a new holiday recording that features a medley of 'O Come Immanuel' and Peter Gabriel's 'Mercy Street.' Look for Finally! Live another new recording from Billy, to be released in late November of 2002. Finally! Live features fantastic covers of Curtis Mayfield's 'People Get Ready' and Bob Marley's 'She's Gone.' 'McLaughlin integrates advanced techniques into material that is dynamic and tuneful - hypnotic soundscapes that mask the intricacy of what he's actually playing. . . The greatest impression is made not by the guitar mastery, but by the music itself.' --Acoustic Guitar World More critical praise for Billy... 'Combining the elements of jazz, gospel, pop, reggae and world beat, Billy McLaughlin has won four Minnesota Music Awards including 1996 best acoustic guitarist.' -- Morning Call (Band and solo review for Musikfest) 'Billy McLaughlin is a guitar virtuoso. No doubt about that...' -- Argus-Leader 'McLaughlin's musical style is a big acoustic sound that clearly comes from his jazz and pop electric guitar training. While the compositional style of many of the pieces could be said to be more of a pop style, there is a lyrical depth and variety to his compositions that provides interest behind the relaxing tones of the instrument.' -- Tribune Review 'Critics and music industry leaders recognize McLaughlin as one of the world's finest guitarists.' -- Daily Press.


Konstnären: Simple Gifts
Titel: Simple Gift
Genre: Easy Listening
Releasedatum: 2002-12-03
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 701117252527