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All This for Gas Money

All This for Gas Money

  • Genom Samuel Barker
  • Release 2011-07-05
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Media-Format CD
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As a member of Houston, TX's Front Porch Society, Samuel Barker got to share the stage with other singer-songwriters like Ben Hall, Huke Green, Matt Harlan, Jimmy Pizzitola, Nathan Taylor, Randy Hill and more. These song swaps help shape the tunes you will hear on this album and give you a list of people to check out if you like them. Barker started out playing not just acoustic songs, but distortion-laden noise rock, as well. His love always laid in those late nights of sitting on the floor with a notebook and acoustic creating songs that told stories. Growing up in a small coastal town, Barker saw many different directions one could take in life. He has watched friends succumb to substance abuse, others reclaim their sobriety, some leave town for a better life and others try to hold onto their jobs in various dying industries. These experiences taken from friends, family and personal experiences have all been gathered to create the album you have before you. After spending years on the road playing shows with the mere hope of recouping travel costs, the title of the album, All This For Gas Money?, was natural. It's not a slight against the life, but a playful joke for those who live it. It's a testament to keeping your head up after averaging 149 miles per show for an average payout of $36 for 2010. You covered the cost to get there, so keep going! Thanks for checking out the album. Hope you dig the tunes. Review from AltCountryForum. Nl: (Translated from Dutch) It's no secret that many class players, even literally, in the obscurity of life. Initially tells me the name of American singer-songwriter Samuel Barker nothing. His website provides include information about his musical project, The Front Porch Society with like-minded souls including Huke Green, Ben Hall, Matt Harlan and Nathan Taylor. During the same period, the Texa...n wrote several songs for the personal narrative and self-released 'All This For Gas Money?'. The result is an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter album with nine delicious raw and stripped down folk-rock songs with an emphasis on acoustic guitar and voice that Barker rubs as crushed brick. A disk of unquestionable class of a modest hard-working craftsman with an effortless style. Recorded in his studio with occasional contributions by Huke Green (harmonica), Tommy Worley (guitar) and Rayanna Barker (vocals). 'All This For Gas Money?' Is a polished album without unnecessary decorations of the talented songwriters Samuel Barker, who easily unconventional melodies in songs packed with suspense. A coherent and compelling CD that constantly scouring recognition requires a new spin.


Konstnären: Samuel Barker
Titel: All This for Gas Money
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2011-07-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501558570


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