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Broken Era

Broken Era

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A Rooster for the Masses (AR4TM) formed in the fall 2004 just on the cusp of the re-election of George W. Bush. With the world filled with high political tension and social angst Rooster started writing music. The songs created were a hybrid of forms, drawing influence from many eras of rock, electro, shoe gaze, reggae, disco, punk and metal.After writing and touring regionally for a year AR4TM went into the studio and recorded "Gallo Rojo" released in 2006. After 2 years of playing shows, which included providing local support for Hard Fi and New Model Army, recording demos and changes in line-up, fast forward to 2008... on the verge of another election and the beginning of a new era. With even more turmoil in our society and in the midst of a collapsing economy AR4TM introduces "Broken Era", songs that reflect our times and our hopes for change. 'Raleigh's A Rooster for the Masses wrote and recorded it's debut EP, Gallo Rojo, not long after George W. Bush landed his second term, or when most every new rock band you heard cited Gang of Four as a reference for disco-fueled post-punk and politics. The Rooster's been slow to answer the call of Rojo, a quick-paced politico lasher that leaned hard left from Franz Ferdinand's Top 40 beats and hooks. Luckily, on it's first full-length, Broken Era, the band expands it's sound and scope, borrowing cues from Radiohead (hear the skittering beats of 'This Drawing' or the OK Computer lift of 'The Finger') and reggae ('End Game' plays out an easy existentialism over a buoyant bassline). Never fear, though, as the Rooster still sings truth to power over angular guitar lines and hi-hat pulses, whether riffing on the downtown void King's Barcade left behind on 'No Party Downtown' (the band released Rojo there in 2006) or territorial tendencies on 'Headwaters.' It's just that frontman Adam Eckhardt's finally learned to make his numbers make sense melodically, adding finesse and grace to his most bellicose moments. Hell, on 'Homebodies,' he even sounds like the missing angry Rosebud. Indeed, change can be a mighty fine look.'--Grayson Currin Independent Weekly "Influences that pop up on the new album include The Clash, Radiohead, Dire Straits, Talking Heads, The Police, and The name a few. Try listening to End Game, the last track on the album, without Guns of Brixton or Sandinista era Clash flashing through the mind. But these only reference the groovy aspect of the new album Broken Era. There's another layer of the album that reveals the true nature of Rooster, the darker, more contemplative, side. Adam Eckhardt's lyrics and the guitar work of Jesper Grud and Wesley Gillespie create an eerie landscape in many of the songs on the new album. Both become very dark and bleeding at certain points on the album. From Postal, Headwaters, and The Finger, each song explores various aspects of the human psyche, from social Darwinism to the tension that builds in personal relationships and the government's impact on innocent American citizens. The exploitation of foreign products on US soil is also the subject of Chinese Guitars, while the fury becomes local on No Party Downtown, homage to King's Barcade in Downtown Raleigh which was bulldozed for a parking deck staging era. The local music scene hasn't recovered since. The album turns very militant in places, evoking helicopters flying overhead, spies lurking around our houses and the US government unjustly taking land from it's citizens. It is this sensibility that allows Rooster to jump the genre of indie dance band. They have more mature depth than many bands with the angst of youthful relationships and petty problems. Our world is more complicated than a simple breakup and whether or not you wear Louis Vuitton, are sponsored by Mountain Dew, or how cool your bike is. Rooster acknowledges the problems faced in an election year, the economy, our human rights, immigration issues, and the lack of trust in government. They are in it for the social aspect as much as they are for the music and Broken Era is proof."(Jedidiah Gant-


Konstnären: A Rooster for the Masses
Titel: Broken Era
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2008-11-04
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501057509
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