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If I Were a Dog

If I Were a Dog

  • Genom Robbie Long
  • Release 2011-05-05
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Media-Format CD
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"IF I WERE A DOG" (Songs Celebrating the K-9 Kind !) is a rollicking, soulful collection of tunes about man's most excellent pal, THE DOG, from the outlook of people. It is the 2nd in a series of c.d.'s from Robbie Long about dogs. (The first is: "WHAT KIND OF DOG AM I ?" (Songs from the Dog's View). Both are meant to be enjoyed by spirited kids, family and dog lovers from 2 to 102 (in human years). Singer and songwriter Robbie Long (who previously penned tunes for Whitney Houston, Kenny Rogers, and many others) has once again really 'gone to the dogs'on this one. The results are guaranteed to leave the listener howlin' with fun and ready to get out there and play. With keen wit, these songs joyfully explore the remarkable relationship between these 2 very different critters who share the same leash----and who are the only mammals in history who love to ride around in cars, one head out the window! This collection features "GOOD SPOT"---- a funky, fun dance romp sure to get you in the mood to get down and give that appreciative pooch your best scratches. The exuberant, toe-tapping "GOOD DOG TIME" asks your special k-9 pal "did you have the dog-dog-doggiest fun, get all your dog-doggie business done, did you have a good dog time?!!!!!" "BAD DOG" rocks out with utter consternation with that dog who just won't behave, tho you still can't help but completely love and forgive it. (why ya gotta yank, yank, yank on the leash?) The country-folk flavored "ARE YOU SOMEBODY'S DOG ?" sings of an open-hearted first meeting with a wandering soulful four-legger and displays the spirit of kindness to strangers. And the outrageous and hilarious "WHO LET THE DOGS IN?" is a frisky comedic reggae tale of a person who returns home to find a swarm of neighborhood dogs making complete havoc of his dwelling. He angrily vows to get even with that no-good person who left his door open and allowed all that doggie mayhem, only to realize at the end that he's actually the person who's responsible! Oh and there's more!......... While taking a stroll together, our singer muses to his k-9 friend what it would be like "IF I WERE A DOG" (and you were a person) ---and how he hopes he might be as good, generous, and enthusiastic as his dog is to him. "LET'S TALK DOG #2" is a funky playful tune about humans talking in "dog speak"to pooches who probably don't have a clue in the universe what the folks are saying ---but know for sure it's a fun great time to be had for all! "IN YOUR DOGGIE WORLD" wonders how does a dog truly taste, smell, see and hear the world? ('........when you hear what you hear... what goes thru your doggie ears? what's the music playing in your canine brain?...') And the poignant classic "EVEN ANGELS NEED A SPECIAL FRIEND" tells of a dream wherein the singer's departed old dog comes back to life and happily visits, only to 'wag a wag and run off in a run". The wistful singer bets that "even in heaven he's got a job to do......that even angels need a special friend too...". Tho sadly moving, this song is beautifully uplifting as it honestly expresses how love still powerfully lives on and connects us, no matter how we come and go. And anyone who remembers their good dog who's done gone knows that this is true. Then with 'WARM HEART, COLD NOSE" we see once again how that big silly sloppy crazy dog of ours keeps winning our hearts and makes us feel so good. Oh yeh! The collection appropriately ends with a bluegrass-flavored big rockin' salute to that great special friend, ally and family member------ 'MY DOG'S REAL GOOD PEOPLE". Woof!


Konstnären: Robbie Long
Titel: If I Were a Dog
Genre: Children's
Releasedatum: 2011-05-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 822371136474


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