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Guy with An Accent

Guy with An Accent

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Rock mixed with Funk, Fusion, and Jazz characterizes the atmosphere that masterfully blends into popular music which let's us discover where Robbie comes from. This one is Not just another instrumental/ guitar oriented CD, and Robbie is not your usual 'wanna be' guitar hero. Good songs, well written, and played from the heart,!!! Experimenting TONES and SOUNDS from Hendrix to The Edge to the fusion of Scott Henderson and Pat Metheny. A couple of vocal tracks, complete the album with Irony and soul/mood moment. A Guy With An Accent, feature also a cast of Great Players such as: Matt bissonette, Oscar Cartaya, Giuseppe Patane on basses and: Enzo Todesco, Toss Panos, Brian Patridge and Carlo Porfilio. On drums. 'I'm very proud of this project!! I had all this music that I wanted to share with the world. And, thanks to all my friends I could finish putting it together. I could call the greatest musicians that through the years I had the opportunity to work with. It was a lot of work, but I had a blast doing it!! Born in 1978 in the musical town of Lanciano in Italy, Robbie started playing the guitar at age 11. He was inspired by his guitar heroes: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page,Jeff Beck, among others. Robbie says 'I was into their music even though they were not in my generation! When I first started learning to play the guitar, I would ask my friends to show me licks and to give me tips on techniques. ' At 15, he decided to take guitar lessons to open his view of music with different genres and styles. He began showcasing with rock bands and playing with other musicians in the music scene of his hometown. When he finished high school, he took a giant step that would change his life: Packed his bags, He decided to leave Italy to attend a music college in the USA: 'The Musician's Institute (GIT)' in Hollywood, California. 'It was great, going to school and wouldn't get out!! Twelve sometimes even fouteen hour per day in that Building! Having lessons, practicing or jamming!!' In his early twenties, Robbie graduated from M.I. and was extremely grateful to have experienced the opportunity to learn from the best jazz musicians around nowadays: Scott Henderson, Carl Schroeder, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, Frank Gambale, and Pat Martino, among others. In 1998, he returned to Los Angeles, where he started doing live and studio session. From back then to Nowadays he has worked in many projects, side by side with world-renowned musicians such as: Matt Bissonette; Tommy Coster Jr; John Pena (Toto); Oscar Cartaya (Spyro Gyra); Toss Panos (Steve Vai); Enzo Todesco (Gino Vannelli); to name a few. Is musical roots and influences and is constant research forSounds made him working laying guitar parts from Records to Movie Sound Tracks and also constantly playing live with different artists and bands! Today, Robbie is writing, recording, producing and performing music intensively. His debut record, 'A Guy With An Accent' reflects the journey Robbie has had through the years while showcasing his talents as a composer, producer, and guitar player.


Konstnären: Robbie Angelucci
Titel: Guy with An Accent
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2002-11-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479031021
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