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  • Genom Rival
  • Release 2004-03-23
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Houston's hottest and freshest rock band, A Rival, has definitely stood the test of time and talent. With eight world tours under their belt, these guys are without a doubt, seasoned professionals. What began as a bunch of kids playing covers in Katy, TX, has evolved into an amazingly intense group of career musicians, writing original material that is both deep and catchy. Having spent about the last year in the studio, their first CD, self titled, A RIVAL, is now available. Says Executive Producer, Mike Meeks, of To The Top Entertainment, 'It's been a huge challenge to figure out which tune to release as the first single, cause every song on the project sounds like a hit.' Ted Jensen, of Sterling Sound in NYC, who mastered the project, had this to say, 'The writing is excellent, the performances are strong, the production and mixing is high quality. Everything is there.' Ted Jensen should know, his current mastering credits include artists such as Nora Jones, Kid Rock, Dave Matthews, Evanescence, Courtney Love and Pearl Jam to name a few. A Rival consists of vocalist, Eric 'Twitch' Rodrigue, guitarist Eric Mora, bassist Adolf Alonzo and drummer Tracy Wilson. Twitch has one Grammy nomination, and Adolf, former bassist for La Mafia, has two, along with one gold and one platinum LP. But with all their successes aside, A Rival is all about chemistry. Troyboy, producer of their new LP, puts it like this, 'Individually, these guys' talents are impressive, but somehow, when you put them together, it just goes off the chart.' Their concert credits individually and as a band read like a who's who, having shared the stage with the likes of Smile Empty Soul, Stereogram, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Keith Sweat, The Who, Loverboy, Ray Charles, George Lynch and the list goes on. The first track on the CD, Lies, is currently being used at San Antonio Spurs' home games and is also featured in Seaworld San Antonio's Shamu show. A Rival's first single release is titled, BREATHE, and is currently generating a buzz on radio stations across Texas. Don't forget to check out A Rival at the iTunes music store!


Konstnären: Rival
Titel: Rival
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2004-03-23
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 824047195426
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