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My Favorite Teddy Bear Is You

My Favorite Teddy Bear Is You

  • Genom Paul Nye
  • Release 2012-09-26
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Media-Format CD
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'My Favorite Teddy Bear Is You!' is Paul Nye's sophomore kids music release. While the songs are targeted to preschool and up to age 7, the whole family will enjoy the quirky, fun flavor of Paul's songs. You'll find yourself dancing to the catchy tunes on this recording, and in many cases singing them throughout the day. Paul does a great job of finding a catchy hook or riff and putting it down with a groovy beat to get the family dancing, laughing and having an overall good time. Paul has always incorporated young people in his recordings. Two of the young girls, Berit Dybing and Emily Widman, who sang on his first kids recording, 'Don't Lick A Flagpole When It's Cold' (also available on CD Baby), provided BGVs on the Teddy Bear release. Berit and Emily were in 8th grade when they sang on the current release. Additionally, two other young girls joined Berit and Emily. They are Becca Lloyd (3rd grade), and Shannon McGrath (4th grade). The vibe the girls laid down was pretty cool, if you ask Paul. When he wanted 'little Divas,' they all sang like one. The CD features several songs that Paul co-wrote with some young kids - one is his 5-year-old nephew Cal, who helped Paul pen 'What Kind Of Sound?' over Thanksgiving last year. The song has become a favorite among kids, according to Paul. The other is a song called 'The Dog' that Paul wrote with one of his 4th grade guitar students, Isaiah Haas. Paul's co-producer and best buddy, Kameron Artley, age 16 (at the time of the recording), also penned 'Forgive & Forget' with him. Additionally, Berit played cello on 'The Dog,' and Emily rapped on 'Rules Make The World Go 'Round,' as well as sang the lead vocal on the blues/gospel tune 'Tick Tock Goes the Clock.' Rather than include lyrics in the CD inner sleeve, Paul opted to tell a story of how each song was written - where the idea came from. Terry Dugan, of the Dugan Design Group in Mpls., MN., did the CD design. The cover of the CD features Levi and Chole Norvold, the children of Paul's friends Jarrod & Sarah Norvold, and was shot by Sarah, who specializes in infant photography. The red toy box (on the cover) with 'Paul' on it was painted by Paul's 90-year-old mom, Dorothy, when he was three. His mom says that oranges used to be shipped to grocery stores in those wooden boxes. It's a treasure - plus it's a great home for all of Paul's stuffed toys. The music on this CD will keep adults and kids dancing all day. Paul has a knack for laying down a great groove with a good beat, and some fun and funny, and at times quirky, lyrics. The CD will leave the whole family smiling - which is a good thing, because as Paul's young friend Zach would say (and do), ' makes people wonder what you've been up to.'


Konstnären: Paul Nye
Titel: My Favorite Teddy Bear Is You
Genre: Children's
Releasedatum: 2012-09-26
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 789577685123