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When I Was Your Age

When I Was Your Age

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Watching (and participating in) my son's entry into young adulthood inspired this collection of songs. Seeing what he was going through sparked my own memories of what I felt 'When I Was (his) Age...", and these songs are the result. Writing and recording the songs was totally enjoyable; I love the process and the action of recording. That's not to say it was quick-I love it so much that I'm not in any hurry to be finished. But eventually, it comes time to commit and move on, so here it is. I played most of the instruments (again, more fun!), but was helped by some wonderful and talented friends. Bonnie Bramlett, one of the most soulful singers on the planet, lent her vocals to the lead-off track, Come Back To Me as well as the CDs closer, Nobody's Fault But Your Own. Her voice is so unique and full of character-I thought I was actually in Little Feat or on tour with Delaney and friends for a moment. Longtime friend Gurf Morlix also sang on Nobody's Fault and played a truly original guitar solo on In Your Own Voice. Fellow Austinite (is she ever home?) Betty Soo sang harmony on I Don't Want To Go, and left her own personal stamp on the tune. The inspiration himself, my son Emerson Wells-Barrett, played drums on the cautionary but completely fictional tale The Wrong Way. Can you tell I'm beaming? My dear and perhaps oldest friend, Jon "Doc" Simons played harmonica as only he can on The Wrong Way. Just as dear (perhaps more), friend and frequent collaborator Julieann Banks sang with me on several tunes; without her, Hot Potato would be only half a song. I was also ably assisted by Tommy Taylor, (yes, THE Tommy Taylor) Jon Hahn, and Mike Rieman on drums; all of them great players making me sound better. I hope you enjoy listening to this record as much as I did making it.


Konstnären: Patterson Barrett
Titel: When I Was Your Age
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 2012-09-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 700261361086