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Night & Day

Night & Day

  • Genom Patrick Arena
  • Release 2008-01-15
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Media-Format CD
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Jazz singer Patrick Arena's new CD " Night and Day" is a feast of sensual sounds: From the mellow Brazilian flavor of the title track and ' Moonlight' to the churning rhythms of his original song "How Could I Not Love You?' With this new recording, Arena celebrates his 40 years in show business. 'Night and Day' is the singer's third CD release on his own label Arenamusic. This time out, jazz guitarist Mark Lucas serves as both musician and producer. Several tracks feature Mr. Lucas' emotional guitar work in duet with Mr. Arena's voice: Echoing the spare sensuousness of Arena's first acclaimed CD 'Night Cap" with pianist Andy Monroe which was called 'Simply stunning' by the Bay Area Reporter, San Franciso. 'Night and Day' balances the quiet moments with an undulating rhythm section featuring the cream of the crop of Pittsburgh's jazz instrumentalists: Skip Peck on piano, Tony DePaolis on bass, Mark Lucas on guitar and Alex Peck on drums. The intricate interplay of these musicians flows naturally. This group of musical comrades also appeared on Arena's second CD 'Captured Alive,' Audiofile noted "Captured Alive finds him at the height of his craft." Jazz said 'Patrick Arena has a hell of a voice'....... Night and Day begins with Cole Porter's most perfect 'Night and Day.' All of the other songs clearly are rooted either in lyric or mood to the night or the day time. Pictures of the sun dappled 'Belvedere' hotel and the light sparkling on the sea alternate with the cool, deep touch of 'Temptation' at midnight. Arena chose to include a handful of original tunes. Inspired by the 'Body Electric School', Dan Martin and Michael Biello crafted the song 'In My Body': the powerful life message is of acceptance and joy within. 'Moonlight' holds a special place in Patrick's heart: written by deceased songwriter Tom Briggs. The lyric 'has moonlight almost forgotten me?' is all the more heartbreaking with the knowledge that Briggs succumbed to AIDS in a hospice in southern New Jersey. Included also are originals by Patrick. His fan favorite 'Barefoot Boy' and Where Have You Been All My Life? written with lyricist Michael Sandwick. Finally there is a gold medal selection of great standards including the tipsy "I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco', 'It's a Most Unusual Day' and the album closer, Patrick and Mark's delicate version of Michel LeGrand's "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?' 'Night and Day' is dream music for anytime of the 'Night and Day.' Night and Day Produced by Mark Lucas Vocals- Patrick Arena Guitar- Mark Lucas Piano-Skip Peck Bass- Tony DePaolis Drums-Alex Peck Recorded by George Heid at the George Heid Studio Mastering- Jim Barr 1. Night and Day (4:20) Porter 2. How Could I Not Love You (3:39) Arena 3. Barefoot Boy (3:17) Arena 4. Moonlight (5:45) Briggs 5. It's a Most Unusual Day (3:09) Adamson/McHugh 6. Belvedere (3:49) Arena 7. In My Body (3:24) Martin/ Biello 8. I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco (4:23) Wolf 9. Where have You Been All My Life (3:42) Arena 10. Temptation (5:15) Brown/Freed (4 Phat Man Dee) 11. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (4:29) Bergman/LeGrand.


Konstnären: Patrick Arena
Titel: Night & Day
Genre: Jazz
Releasedatum: 2008-01-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 700261233383
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