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L'apoteosi Della Cicogna

L'apoteosi Della Cicogna

(2 Pack)
  • Genom Mascagni
  • Release 2019-05-03
  • Media-Format CD
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Inactive since Il Piccolo Marat (1921), on March 23, 1932 Mascagni reproposed Pinotta, reelaborated from his cantata In Filanda. The Author's interventions in 1932 were undoubtedly important: the little chorus of Zeffiri that after the short prelude announces the idyll shows a harmonic restlessness hardly thinkable in a twenty-year-old Mascagni; and the same goes for the unusual effect in the finale, with the two voices whispering a fading "T'amo" on the silence of the orchestra. Also, the rich instrumental ensemble is much wider than the one thought for the cantata. For the symphonic poem with voice A Giacomo Leopardi Mascagni followed the great examples of Liszt, Smetana and Strauss: the poem gets it's inspiration not only from the few verses sung by the soprano; wider fragments - quoted in limine on the score - supply the expressive suggestions to the orchestra interludes acting as "bridges" among the different episodes. So we might say that this A Giacomo Leopardi is not a cantata, but a downright symphonic poem where a few singable episodes occasionally emerge. Zanetto can be considered as a "little" opera not because of it's short duration, of the orchestra ensemble including no brass or it's only two characters (soprano and mezzosoprano en travesti), but because of it's decidedly lyrical style and basic lack of action: the act is just a long encounter-conversation in a Renaissance Florence between a young minstrel and Silvia, a rich, bored lady who reciprocates his love but, being a courtesan, cannot allow herself such a feeling and must reject the young boy.


Titel: L'apoteosi Della Cicogna
Releasedatum: 2019-05-03
Etikett: Bongiovanni
Antal skivor: 2
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 8007068219223
Produkt #: 2158643X
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