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Last Adam

Last Adam

  • Genom Adam
  • Release 2008-09-16
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media-Format CD
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Jesus said, My sheep hear My voice and they come. The Words that are spoken on this album are life giving. God said, when I passed by you, you was lying in a puddle of your own blood and I said live. So I spread My wings over you and covered your nakedness. 'When you came to Me in the name of Jesus, I saw My Son and I heard you' and I made a covenant with you and you became Mine said the Lord God, and no one can take out of my hand. I led you in My Spirit, from Genisis to Jude, and revealed to you, that your father Enoch, was seventh from you, and he walked with me until he was no more, for I took him and so will your seed, your seed soar. When I sent My Word, You knew Him and accepted Him. For My Son was the very life I breathed into you, on day that We made you our son. You who was once dead, and now alive, remade, you have survived. Oh My Son, you surely died, the day that you ate of it, I did'nt lie. Through my Prophet Isaiah I spoke to you, concerning the things that you must do. I kept you in my heart, I never forgot you, even though you were dead I never left you. I was never far, I gave you night You was my first born, to you I gave life You are the Alpha and Omega, You are the beginning and the end. No one lived without you and without you no one, no one will live. And so it is written, The first man Adam We made a living soul; And you, Adam was made a quickening spirit, to give life. I said Lord, who am I to go forth, I have no accomplishments And I heard the the Lord say to me, every Word spoken out of your mouth is an accomplishment, because My Kingdom is in your mouth and in your heart, and you will do it. You are the stone that the builders rejected. You are my best accomplishment, you will complete me. Save One, that is God. You will show them Heaven, New Jerusalem and it will be with men. From your mouth will precede a permenant fix for their permenant flaws. You will unlock hell and death and free My people, who are in bondage. I want to tell My people that it ain't no Sonshine when they gone, if they don't recieve My Son, if My Son is not in them, supping with them, dining with them. Then it won't be no sonshine, when they pass away. Tell my people, if they don't work they won't eat, ask them how can they eat, if they don't know My work? And how can they work, if they won't recieve my Word, if they don't know My Word, how can they eat. Let the dead bury the dead, that was My Word, your daddy's dead and the men that's going to bury your daddy dead, follow Me, Jesus said. What if I told you God spit in the wind and it blew back in your face? Would you believe I blessed you? What if I told you that I Am sent me in the name of the Lord, in His Spirit, would you believe in me. What if I told you the Word is not coming back to you, until you say blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord? What if I told you that God ended the world yesterday and today it's being performed in your hearing? What if I told you, if you try to save your life you are going to lose it? In God is to know who you are, to know who you are is to walk in God's shoes, to walk in God's shoes is to be in His name, to be in His name is to know who He is. If you know who He is, you will have found yourself, and you will walk in His shoes, and when you walk in His shoes, you will be in His name. And He will call you by His name Rev. 3:12 and He will be your God and you will be His people. I seen a new heaven and a new earth, the old heaven and old earth has pass away and there is no more sea, I'm in this world but I'm not of this world. Jn 17:16 I thank you, you have given me tongues of men and of angels, for I can go in and out when I speak as angels I'm in, when I speak as men I'm out. This is my testimony, hidden manna, my own tongue, there is nothing to see. It is like the wind, no one knows where it comes from and no one knows where it's going. Would you believe that everything you just heard is only crumbs that fall off the masters table? One day you will become me and I you. God I know that you have many things to say and when You are ready I'm ready. Thank You Lord, Amen Adam Enjoy, be blessed and may God clothe you with His Word, His Son Jesus Christ and call you one of His heavens Amen.


Konstnären: Adam
Titel: Last Adam
Genre: Gospel
Releasedatum: 2008-09-16
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479882401
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