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International Project

International Project

  • Genom Krazy Race
  • Release 2012-10-09
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

This album will go down in 'Hip Hop History' as one of the first independent Los Angeles Hip Hop releases that features 15 producers from 15 different countries, hence the name 'The International Project'. A must have for your Hip Hop Collection!!! Quotes on this new Historic release: MCM said 'I can easily compare it to good old jedi mind tricks ... it has that type of sound ... that rawness + you really chose dope beats bro ... almost every track is a masterpiece.' Jake Padilla said 'Krazy Race did it again, this album is really dope and has producers from 15 different countries. I bought the hard copy yesterday, this project goes hard. Definite classic for 2012 & 2013.' Emily Monique Cruz said 'I'm feeling your songs. I am so impressed! Your lines are sick. I appreciate the honesty in your music and it sounds like you really took your time with each song. They're well thought out and each has their own style. Makes the listener feel like they understand where you're coming from. I'm a fan! ' Charlie Brown said 'dope album!!! it had me up all night.' Lisa Basulto said 'just finished listening to it, it's DOOOPE!!! Rodney Lee Romo said it was off the hook dude, i'm gettin 2 copies!!! Tony Acevedo said 'the CD is banging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Godilla said 'This shit is tough. Gd work general.' Pete E. Pantone said 'I'm banging that Desperado doggg...sicccc' Kiza Beats said 'This is BEST ALBUM I HEARD FOR AFTER LONG LONG TIME!!!!!!HAHAHAHA MADNESS MY BROTHER!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING...P.S. DESPERADO IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!HEAVY ROTATION + PROMO...YOU DESERVE WORLDWIDE RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!' Albert Boltryk from Poland said Yo, just finished listening to the album. All tracks are dope, but L.L.U.H.H and the one Weirdo produced are masterpieces! Skinny WBS from Japan said Kyodai...Congratulations CD release!!! I heard your album and 'Master of Ceremonies. I like your album. So cool!!! Dope!! It was good to make a song with you. I thank you from bottom of my heart. Peace and respect from Japan. Arigato kyodai. C/s Kiza Beats from Serbia said 'this is BEST ALBUM I HEARD FOR AFTER LONG LONG TIME!!!!!!HAHAHAHA MADNESS MY BROTHER.' ALBUMS AVAILABLE NOW ON ITUNES & AMAZON!


Konstnären: Krazy Race
Titel: International Project
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2012-10-09
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 635961209522