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Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations 1

Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations 1

  • Genom Joseph Peck
  • Release 2012-11-13
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Media-Format CD
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The steelpan is a finely hand-crafted and tuned instrument that originates from the island of Trinidad, West Indies. Pans are made by manipulating the tops of oil drums by hammering into a bowl shape and creating upward bubbles as notes. The instrument is delicately played with rubber-tipped mallets. As a musician and educator I compose, record, perform, and teach music featuring the steelpan instrument. I was first introduced to the steelpan, also known as steel drum or simply pans, while attending Wichita State University, it was here in Wichita, Kansas where I recorded these sound healing meditations during a return visit. May you listen with an open heart and mind as you allow the sounds to permeate slowly, to breathe deeply, and fully while feeling into your own inner resonance, where the dynamic and authentic self known as you resides. With sincere gratitude and appreciation, JJP Credits: All music produced, written, arranged, and performed by: Joseph John Peck on January 17, 2005, Wichita, Kansas. © 2005-2012 Joseph John Peck (ASCAP) & Panhead Music (ASCAP) Recorded By Paul Carter, Planet Paul Studios, Wichita, KS. Instrumentation Credits Joseph John Peck all steelpans and synthesizer Steelpan Instruments hand crafted by Ellie Mannette and Lloyd Gay Pans tuned and maintained by Darren Dyke, David Beery, and Glenn Rowsey. Joseph performs and records with steelpans hand-crafted by Ellie Mannette, Lloyd Gay, Darren Dyke, and Alan Coyle. Steelpans for this recording crafted by Ellie Mannette and Lloyd Gay Mixed by Rocco Guarino Mastered by Don Grossinger Album Cover, Layout, and Design by Melissa Anderson, Melodic Art. I offer my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to all of my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and acquaintances who influenced me to better myself, resulting in who I am today. Special thanks to Emily Bonavia for planting the initial seed which grew into this project, Meredith for believing in me and encouraging me to bring myself and these sounds into the world, Mariane Karou for being the best coach ever!, Ellie Mannete for following his vision in the creation of the steelpan instrument, Rocco Guarino for making the sweetness of the pans really shine, and each and every one of you for listening and sharing these sound creations. Research has shown that the steelpan instrument produces more overtones than any other instrument in the world. These meditations have the ability to activate the alpha-theta brainwaves which can have considerable health benefits. As you listen breathe fully and deeply while relaxing your body and mind. There is nowhere to be or go, simply flow, freely, from within as you give and receive outward.


Konstnären: Joseph Peck
Titel: Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations 1
Genre: New Age
Releasedatum: 2012-11-13
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 700261823188