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Classics Like Me

Classics Like Me

  • Genom Jim Jensen
  • Release 2012-11-26
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media-Format CD
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This record has a lot memories and emotions tied to it. I was talking to a friend the other day and told him I'm at the time in my life that I do pretty much what I want. That is the way it was with these songs. I just like them. Bobby Darin wrote 18 Yellow Roses. I've always liked it not just because it is a good song but because of my daughter. I'm sure that the Dads out there that have daughters know just what I mean. Greatest Cowboy and I Thirst because I believe we have to be grateful to that power greater for all the blessings we have received. I know that there are a lot of people out there that sing better than I do. I just love to sing, especially to my wife, and am very grateful to be able to be in a position to do this. Old Dogs and Children was one of Mom's favorites. She left us several years ago but I expect she still enjoys hearing a Tom T Hall song. Dallas Frazier wrote Beneath Still Waters and There Goes My Everything. What a talent. There Goes My Everything is the crown jewel of this CD because it is for my dear wife. When I sing for her this song gets more requests than any other. When our three kids were babies I would put them on my shoulder and sing or hum Ghost Riders In The Sky. They would just snuggle in and go to sleep. I think you will enjoy this arrangement. Brent Moyer arranged this. Those of us that grew up in the 50's and 60's will have no trouble understanding the lyrics and comparisons of Ready For The End Of The World. Those were different times. Good times though. 50,000 Names was written about the Vietnam war. Those of us that were there know it was more than a 'conflict'. Over 50,000 made the ultimate sacrifice. This song always evokes emotion. Although it was written about Vietnam I would like to dedicate it to all that have served to keep this country free. Freedom never was and never will be free. Touch The Morning encapsulates and reinforces the notion of 'stopping to smell the roses'. Have you noticed that as time goes by we tend to readjust our priorities? There was a a time in my life that the mornings were bleary and hectic. Now, mornings are my favorite time of day. Getting to drink coffee and visit with my beautiful wife... Well, it doesn't get any better. I hope you enjoy this collection. Put on a pot of coffee and touch the morning with us. Jim.


Konstnären: Jim Jensen
Titel: Classics Like Me
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 2012-11-26
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 887516069031