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  • Genom Jeromy Acton
  • Release 2002-12-17
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

Jeromy Acton was born in August of 1972 in Lansing, MI. He grew up in Houston, Texas, and did his undergraduate in English at the University of Texas at Austin. Although he had been constantly involved in music growing up- at church, school, with friends and family- it was not until his freshman year in college that the chords/lyrics on the cover of Billy Crockett's 'The Basic Stuff' album peaked his curiosity to begin seriously learning to play the guitar. When his family moved to Nagoya, Japan in 1991, he went with them and while living there/going to school, he wrote his first song: 'Peace Be Still.' It was all downhill from there! (Mainly because his family at the time lived up on a hill...) Back in the States a year later, Jeromy took three more years to finish his degree, and during that time had many opportunities to be part of the awesome Christian music community in Austin, TX- UBC, BYX, CBS, EVFree, and many other wonderful, easily-abbreviated ministries! When he graduated, he spent a mandatory year wandering in the wilderness as a waiter before responding to God's calling on his life to be a musician... and to get braces... and to have a pony-tail... and to drive a mini-van... Three years later, sans braces, pony-tail and mini-van, he graduated from the music school at UT with a degree in voice. Life exploded from there: he was married several months later to the beautiful Cathia Patricia Elizabeth Jaramillo, took over an interim youth position at EVFree Austin, and continued to do music wherever he could. Six months later, Jeromy and Cathia (Patty) were in Mammoth Lakes, California, where Jeromy took a job as the worship/youth pastor of Grace Community Church. After three years of being blessed to serve the people of Mammoth, through the encouragement and help of Patty/Mom and Dad Acton/Amanda/GCC/the musical community in Mammoth, Jeromy was finally able to realize his dream of 10+ years of recording a CD of original music: 'Quorum.' 'Quorum' is a testimony to God's faithfulness in being present and active in the lives of his people when they come together in his name- 'two or more...' as it says in Matthew 18:20. A bio on Jeromy would not be complete without including the Thankyou's from the album notes, so they are concluded at the end of this bio. Thanks for taking the time to read about this one humble musican's musical journey! Enjoy the CD! Thank yous: Billy Crockett- for putting the chords on the cover of ?Basic Stuff?, Ann Crenshaw, First Baptist Church-Houston, Texas, UBC Diaspora everywhere, Tom Westbrook- for the expensive pictures of ministry/life in Christ, Jonathan Powell, Matt Brunner, Patrick Lafferty, Greg Berry, Jamison Stewart, The Flapjacks, First Evangelical Free Church-Austin, Texas, Prof. Leonard Johnson- how's my German?, Craig Hella Johnson, Gary Powell, Grace Community Church- Mammoth Lakes, California, West Brazelton- for believing in Patty and I enough to bring us along to share in this Mammoth ministry adventure. Vaya con Dios! Wild Mountain Thyme, Jason, Amy and Ethan Edwards- for the couch and home base in O.C., Amanda Shaw- for all of the songs/encouragement/patience you shared with me growing up- and for sharing Anthony with us. You both are a blessing! Mom and Dad Acton- for your unconditional love and support through this whole process/life. The music always brings us back, ne? All the musicians who contributed to this undertaking- I am truly blessed to know you/share in your musical talents!, Ibrahim, Tyia and Layla Ba (King Ibu)- thanks for sharing your studio/your family with us. It's easy! Richard and Pat- you are gracious miracle workers! Cathia/Patty- thank you for choosing to spend your amazing love and creativity on this poor creature. I am so thankful to be yours, and you are mine. Jesus- thank you for the amazing gift of the cross, this Quorum of friends, and for the promise of Matt.18:20. I love You. Soli Deo Gloria!


Konstnären: Jeromy Acton
Titel: Quorum
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2002-12-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 659057494722
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