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Feel the Nails

Feel the Nails

  • Genom J. Ben Cable
  • Release 2011-01-03
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Media-Format CD
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J Ben Cable is truly "The Contemporary Traditionalist." He sings and espouses the value of Contemporary Christian music even as his hearts' desire is to keep alive and relevant the Traditional. Ben started singing as a youngster in his church choir in a small town in Pennsylvania. He made his debut as soloist on radio at age 10 while standing on several boxes in his church in order to be able to reach the microphone (he still needs a small box to be seen at times). He continued singing throughout high school and toured the country with the Thiel College choir located in Pennsylvania. Early on J Ben sang in symphony orchestra chorales, as well as in various community musicals. He studied voice with a a vocal coach who also trained several Broadway artists. Since turning his life over to the Lord 25 years ago, he has dedicated his music to Jesus, the giver of his talent. He has presented concerts in many churches and loves to cheer those in Nursing Homes with his music. As is evident, J Ben strives to keep the Traditional Christian music relevant while presenting the more contemporary style as well. Here is an example of what others are saying about Ben's music and concerts: 'Recently, our church was privileged to experience the music ministry of J. Ben Cable. His ministry is a blend of traditional songs of the church and songs that grew out of the youth revivals of the 60's and 70's. We advertised him as being "in concert," but that is not descriptive. It was more than a performance, and we responded as more than entertainment. It was a service of praise and worship. To be certain, the musical content was flawless; but the attention was directed toward the recipient of the service-our Lord. One song would lead to another and another in a way that climaxed in the final song. His spoken words between songs would enhance the meaning of the song and the worship spirit. The service revealed his genuineness and his walk with our Lord. All age groups responded positively to the message. We are pleased to recommend him to your group without reservation. We are certain you will be blessed as were we. -COLONIAL HEIGHTS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Just a word about a few of the songs you will find on Ben's CD: 'Feel the Nails' questions if Jesus can feel the nails being driven into His hands and feet all over again each time we, as Christians, fail? It's' message is powerful and so very relevant. 'Sanctified Now' is a J Ben original and presents the meaning of and journey to sanctification. 'For Those Tears I Died' reminds us that when we face life's heartaches and pains Jesus is right there with us. He died for all our sorrows and sees us through the most difficult times of our life. 'Jesus Comes in the Midst of the Storm' has a country flair and it, too, has us remember that like Peter, when sinking in the wind and waves, reached out to Jesus and was saved, we have the same help available to us as well. 'It is Well With my Soul' continues to be one of the most beloved and requested songs of the faith. You will find the intriguing background music, created especially for Ben, has a contemporary flair while maintaining the traditional feel. All the other songs on Ben's album are just as relevant and inspiring.


Konstnären: J. Ben Cable
Titel: Feel the Nails
Genre: Christian
Releasedatum: 2011-01-03
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501378789