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Invisible Ink Preview

Invisible Ink

  • Release 2012-07-24
  • Film och TV-Genre Drama
  • Media-Format DVD
  • Observera. Om inte annat anges, är alla BLU-RAY REGION A och alla DVD REGION 1 kodar. Innan du köper bör se till att din utrustning kan spela upp dessa regioner. Klicka på länken nedan för mer information om regionen kodning:
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Pris: 95,91 kr

Produkt anteckningar

What would you hold on to if your past turned out to be a lie? "Invisible Ink" follows the stories of three people who cross paths during their search for the Truth. But this quest ultimately threatens to undo their carefully constructed realities. Anna Brin shelters herself behind obsessive habits and a deep faith in the messages of fortune cookies. But the fortunes she receives begin to turn ominous as she starts to uncover dark secrets about her family's past. Award winning novelist Catherine DePol is an elderly widow who has lived a full, romantic life. When she discovers evidence that her late husband may have had an affair, she is forced to decide what is more important: having been deceived or having been loved. Justin Morgan writes Ask Alice, the advice column for the city newspaper. An eternal optimist, he insists that the Truth can fix any problem; but when he takes this approach toward a serious letter, he ends up facing a more damaging truth than he could have imagined. Shot entirely in the city of Ithaca, NY and the surrounding Finger Lakes region, with more than one hundred volunteer talents, the film represents grass-roots independent filmmaking at it's most inspired.


Titel: Invisible Ink
Genre: Drama
Medverkande: Peter Rush, Pete Rush, Natasha Tall, Elizabeth Gray
Direktör: Christopher Julian, Jennifer Savran
Studio: Anderson Digital
Attribut: Dolby
Releasedatum: 2012-07-24
Media-Format: DVD
Fått: NR
UPC: 658769122831
Sluten bildtext: No
Körtid: 114 minutes
Utgivningsår: 2011