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Whimsical Surf (Version 2)

Whimsical Surf (Version 2)

  • Genom Insanitizers
  • Release 2012-12-11
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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' I was thrilled by the first version, but the second is even more rockin' and the guitars gallop. Everything on this album is a keeper, what a great time for fans of rockin' surf!. ' --Bernard Boyat, 'Cry of the Coyote' CD Review magazine. They gave it a 'Cry of the Heart Award' highest rating. 'Whimsical Surf Version 2 is good old-fashioned party time fun. Everything from the music to the artwork is a gas...guaranteed to put a smile on anybody's face.' 'It's a very lively set with a full-on approach featuring tough jangling guitars excellent take of Rossini's 'William Tell'...mighty fine performance of Grieg's 'Mountain King.'--Pipeline Magazine, Spring 2013. 'Great tearing surf and driving instrumentals...this set definitely can't fail' rated 4/4 --NGD rock instrumental magazine issue 112, August 2013. Version 1 received a three-page feature and an enthusiastic review ('Sounds great...roaring surf-rock') in Pipeline Magazine from England (Spring 2011), with mention on the front cover. ReverbCentral wrote 'Too Much Fun !' and the Vancouver Voice 'Surf music in a frenzy.' This Version 2 out-rocks version 1. Twelve of the 17 songs have new lead guitar, many have new melodies. All use new mastering methods for superior clarity and smoother sound. Sure the songs have driving rhythms, and now they have ultra-clear sound and lovely tones. You will look forward to hearing them repeatedly. The Album Cover Hall of Fame online published a feature about the art on this CD and our Wild Surf Guitars CD in April, 2014. Accordingly, each CD is a limited edition art print. Insanitizers music is fun for listeners of all ages. It expand the borders of surf guitar into classical guitar, classic rock, modern rock, country, polka, flamenco, and rockabilly. These songs are for guitar; there is no room for a vocalist. This CD tells stories of adventure, mystery and energy with guitar instrumentals in an involving experience. It's a combination of surf guitar, Mozartian classical music, rockabilly, and flamenco, all for fun. The band has fun performing, and when you listen you will be part of the fun. 'Dance Like a Robot' is a group of robots clanking and clattering, as several guitars play the lead in approximate unison. 'Sugarplum' is both dreamy and frantic, using Tchaikovsky's theme. 'Waterboard Surfing' merrily alternates submersion riffs with an interrogation melody. 'Mountain King' builds intensity into bouncy bombastic bluster, tumbling trolls and trembling thunderbolts. 'Froggy's Magic Twanger' bounces happily along with highly musical deep vibrato twang. 'Polkzart' is Mozart's 40th Symphony as a polka. In 'Last Laugh' several guitars compete for the last word. SurfRockMusic writes: you can hear the lead 'guitar guffaw, chortle and snicker throughout this cool surfy tune. How'd he do that?' 'Hot Sauce' has new tasty riffs, a delicious smokey tone, and hallucinatory intensity. 'Surfin' the Stars' is blast-off and warp speed thrills and chills through the galaxy. 'Puppetor' marches through Gounod's / Hitchcock's theme, alternating between low twangs and high chimes in Flamenco Rockabilly style. 'Head-Spin' is a speeding motorcycle, leaning through corners, streaking down the highway. 'Undertow' dangerously pulls you along with jangle, twangle, and original musical drum and guitar weirdness. 'Lost in the 3rd Dimension' is an epic adventure, using heavy reverb in rock-n-roll delirium. 'Beerocracy' is about wild Cossack tavern knee-dancing, with a series of duets and alternating solos. 'Fowl Ball' is a riotous party, chicken included. 'Fantwango' serves panache and bravura on a platter of clean tones. The twangy lead is played on nylon strings for twisted authenticity. 'Masked Man' has jolly melodies, tones that are both chimey and creamy, and power that an orchestra can only envy.


Konstnären: Insanitizers
Titel: Whimsical Surf (Version 2)
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2012-12-11
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 887516071089