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Coltrane Rules: Tao Music Warrior

Coltrane Rules: Tao Music Warrior

  • Genom Gary Bartz
  • Release 2012-02-01
  • Musikgenre Blues
  • Media-Format CD
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TAO NOTES Revised When I was 6 years old I decided to become a musician. Five years later at the age of 11, I received my first alto saxophone, Christmas of 1951. I had been studying music from the age of 6, not realizing that is what I was doing. So when I got my first instrument I knew what notes were correct because I had been listening, transcribing and mimicking what I heard on the records that my uncle had. I became a child soldier. The Oxford dictionary gives the definition of warrior as 'a brave or experienced soldier or fighter'. Another definition is 'any active hostility, contention, or struggle'. It has certainly been a struggle and we have been subjected to much hostility and contentiousness. Another definition is to strive. I have lost many friends to this war. We have dedicated our lives to fighting a peaceful war. Music is a science and one of our most heralded explorers was John Coltrane. He has inspired many musicians to continue the fight to create something beautiful in this world. The odds are sometimes against us, but the journey is worth it. I wish to thank everyone involved in this recording. This has been the hardest and longest recording project I have ever done. I had no idea it would take this long to finish, but this was a project of love. I think music is a war of love. I hope the music on this recording will show the love that we musicians have for the beauty and science of music. Music is healing and this is for all of our brave warriors who dedicate their lives to bringing a healing through music. I wish to acknowledge and thank the following warriors: Anyone who is proud to call themselves a musician or music lover. Thanks to Jill Newman, Jill Newman Productions, Greg Bandy, James King, Barney McAll, Rene McLean, Andy Bey, Erika Rose, Mekea Keith, Jack Walker, Ommas Keith, Karen Bennett, Derrick "Bumpy" Miles, Cliff Edmonds, Eve Arnold and all of the musicians and friends involved in this project for their help, belief and faith in this project. Music Power, Gary Bartz All Photos by Alan Nahigian Barney McAll-Piano James King-Bass Greg Bandy-Drums Gary Bartz-Alto, Soprano Sax, Voice.


Konstnären: Gary Bartz
Titel: Coltrane Rules: Tao Music Warrior
Genre: Blues
Releasedatum: 2012-02-01
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501645454
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