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Erotica Project: Sex at 19

Erotica Project: Sex at 19

  • Genom Erotica Project
  • Release 2002-01-08
  • Musikgenre Spoken
  • Media-Format CD
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Confrontational, literate, confessional, poetic; Radio; Theater; Music; CD's.The Erotica Project combines graphic sexual material with an aesthetic that is haunting, poignant, comic and often completely outrageous. While it purports to have no 'political agenda,' it is naturally political. The Erotica Project is infused with all the passion, angst, confusion, bitterness and exultation of real women coming to terms with their sexuality in the wake of post Seventies feminism. There has never been anything like it. 'The Erotica Project' is an artistic collaboration between Lillian Ann Slugocki, Erin Cressida Wilson and John Gould Rubin which examines and expresses women's sexuality without acculturated beliefs about women and their sex lives. Literate, graphic, narrative texts, tightly and provocatively layered with music and sound blend together to create a multi-dimensional experience.'The Erotica Project' began six years ago as a new radio program on WBAI-FM in New York City. While it was, without question, the most graphic radio in America, (and a big risk for the station) it also had, and retains, a political consciousness about heterosexual female relations as it's basis, and extraordinarily literate writing. The show received the Silver Reel award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters in the Arts for 1998. In August of that year, the three produced the show on stage, at HERE, as a showcase theater production; THE SHOW gained a pick of the week from The New Yorker, as well as other overwhelmingly favorable press. All performances were sold out, with a waiting list, for every event. The NY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL/PUBLIC THEATER committed to produce it as their first show in Joe's Pub, and again - with double the seating capacity - it was sold out throughout the run, with a list of people turned away every performance. It received a feature review in Art in America, as well as an extended analysis in Theatre Forum. Press response ranged from: 'The straight feminine mystique stayed under wraps until now - Political correctness explodes' (-Art in America) to: 'This is sexy.' (-The New York Post) to: 'Excellent. A Sexual titillation.' (-The New York Times) In 2000, Mr. Rubin teamed up with Wolfgang Fischer to form Adrenaline Studios to make CDs of 'The Erotica Project' and to create a web page: to introduce a wider audience to the material. 'Sex at 19' is the first of those. The authors have also published a book of the material, which is currently available at all major bookstores. The Erotica Project's 'Sex at 19' is a unique synthesis of original music and poetic, confessional literature. This union unveils intimate details that take you into the heart of erotic, sexual experiences. 'Sex at 19,' the first CD, is theme-based, and explores two perspectives on euphoric teenage sex; one from a wildly exuberant adolescent girl ready to try anything, balanced by the reflections of an older woman reveling in memories that shaped her own sexuality. Two dynamic and distinct narratives paint a portrait of strong independent women declaring their love of sex, drugs and rock and roll. From Lola, the irrepressible party girl, to Baptism, a woman's lyrical reflection of sensual epiphany, these stories and confessions of female erotica take the audience on a thrilling journey.


Konstnären: Erotica Project
Titel: Erotica Project: Sex at 19
Genre: Spoken
Releasedatum: 2002-01-08
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 807101200120
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