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Guitar Solos

Guitar Solos

  • Genom Doug Adamz
  • Release 2008-06-17
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Media-Format CD
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GUITAR SOLOS is an hour of solo, instrumental, acoustic guitar music. It's thirteen pieces were composed by Doug Adamz. Listeners have described the overall feeling of GUITAR SOLOS as tranquil and calming. Adamz' finger style guitar compositions have a simple elegance and rich emotional depth. He's written for the Joffrey Balley, The Kronos Quartet, and for his own group Light Rain (see CDBaby's 'Light Rain' listings), but this is the first collection of his works for solo guitar. Doug wrote this about GUITAR SOLOS: Working on this album really felt like a homecoming to me. Throughout the years of playing many kinds of music (folk-singer, blues singer, country fiddler, belly-dance music composer, songwriter) I'd always come home to relax by playing the guitar for my friends and myself. I'm so happy to have finally recorded an hours worth of these musings. Listeners have written Well-written tunes well-played by a lover of the instrument. Bill Amatneek I consider Guitar Solos to be simply inspired as the essence of tranquility. Linda Johnstone I brought it to work and each person who has entered my office while it was playing has made note of the calm beauty that your music radiates. These are teenage girls and they love it!! Not an easy task to perform. Sara Wasserman It is so indescribably sweet and lovely. I was walking around in this state of \'Life is so sweet and good!\' Christine Palofox SHIP OF SOUND January 2006 Doug Adamz Airship, Dreamship Ship of Sound, That fateful day when the heroes rode by the farm they came with thundering drums, and cymbals, hurdy gurdy, and tambourine. Their airborn steeds were music itself, and in their arms they carried not swords or clubs or guns. No, their Excalibur sported strings and could hum a chord that would shake the world. Airship, Dreamship, Ship of Sound. The women were mythical angels, divas, clairevoyant, clear voiced, who sang hosanna to the highest, keening clearly, who were wiser than kings or presidents, who, for one mad moment, muzzled the maws of war dogs with a scrap of poetry and a strummed guitar. Airship, Dreamship, Ship of Sound. Like legions of pied piper children, wide eyed, we followed, through dazzling skyways, deadly dark valleys, junk man's alleys, dragging feet through sucking mud, heads spinning galaxies, ferris wheel cliff hangers, perilous rambles, miraculous rescues, melted into utter exhaustion, hollow of hope, ground down, lost and found, 'til you find it there in your arms again; the voluptuous wooden box held to heart, the plucked strings blur, light twinkles in shadowy corners, harmony is heard in the heartbeat of a stone and the order of the universe is palpable again, ushered by wordless prayer from the guitar. Airship, Dreamship, Ship of Sound.


Konstnären: Doug Adamz
Titel: Guitar Solos
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2008-06-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 796873080781
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