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This Is Life

This Is Life

(Duplicated CD)
  • Genom Donald Sheffey
  • Release 2012-09-18
  • Musikgenre Urban
  • Media-Format CD
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One of today's most sought after smoothest R&B vocalist in the music industry today. Writer, producer, singer, and owner of Weezie Productions in New York City, Donald Sheffey, Is releasing his 6th album titled "This Is Life". Donald again brings you R&B sounds with both old and new school flavor, or should I say "music for everyone and music that makes you feel good" "This Is Life" is one of Donald's best CD's to date. It lyrically speaks to you about many situations good & bad. Bottom line, This is life and sh** happens, but things will get better. A CD with a contemporary approach to old-school songwriting, "This Is Life" is something you'll want to keep in your head, heart, soul and mind while savoring the value of the positive things in life, the curve balls thrown at you sometimes, the good times, and much more. A must have download CD you won't be disappointed in with more than one hit because there is something for everyone. "This Is Life" is Real - Raw NEW & REFRESHING. Unlike many of his musical peers, Donald doesn't hide behind production wizardry and studio tricks. That doesn't make you and artist, it makes you a product. If you're looking for another 1 line hook auto-tuned CD - THIS CD IS NOT FOR YOU! An independent artist like Donald Sheffey is not driven by what "everyone" wants. We have enough of what "everyone" wants. It's all the same. "This Is Life" is Donald extending "another option" for those who are in need of something that is NOT the same. Donald's baritone voice is fantastic, rich and strong. Combined with his God given style, talent and other influences he's created a sound all his own. This and all of his CD's are a progression of something fresh, wonderful and different. "This Is Life" has 11 original songs and 1 remake, Strawberry Letter 23. You said WHAT? YES, Strawberry Letter 23, the tune from back in the day. Nicely done and good to hear again, you'll see. "This Is Life" has elements of Motown - jazz - toe tapping/get off your butt Dance, and a smidge of Rock. How's that for eclectic? The ballads are sophisticated and meaningful with fantastic new beats dumped on an old school cushion. What a comfortable feeling, right? ahhhhhhh. The mid-tempo tunes are just what they are MID-TEMPO, great songs lyrically designed to make you bounce your head, tap your feet, sing along (that's after you learn the lyrics), dance, and Act OUT;). Everything you need to put a smile on your face. Guest on this CD are jazz saxophonist Dave Mullen. Rock guitarist George Adams, and rapper Damien "Tragedy" James. Another collaboration with top London based internet station executive Di-Lee of Soulchoonz The Weezie Productions staff stays intact happy to say. Donald Sheffey, Ernest McCullough, & Jason Persico continue to work like a well-oiled machine to bring the world something a little different for the more adult and mature listener. After listening to this CD, this is another superb and refreshing collection of top notch original RnB songs produced and thought out by a very talented Donald Sheffey and his team at Weezie Productions. I heard, anger, laughter, fun, sadness, love, friendship, and tolerance on this CD. Many emotions, beautiful new beats mixed with an original soul & RnB sound bring this CD full circle to another hit for Donald and the crew at Weezie Productions. Congratulations! So tell all your friends to stop complaining about the music and just listen to something different and use your computer to find it. Commercial radio is still pounding out the same sound and we should clearly see the effects of it by now, so wake up. Keep doing what you're doing Weezie Productions. "This Is Life" is the most masterful work of his career. Download your copy today and don't forget to turn a friend on to "This Is Life" as well. You might learn something.


Konstnären: Donald Sheffey
Titel: This Is Life
Genre: Urban
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2012-09-18
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 885767191198