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Organic Electric

Organic Electric

  • Genom DaveJ
  • Release 2007-11-13
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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DaveJ is an Australian Didjeridoo artist, at the forefront of fusing acoustic sounds with cutting edge audio technology. He plays the Didjeribone™, a recent innovation based on the Didjeridoo, the Indigenous Australian wind instrument. The sounds from the Didjeribone™ are amplified using a special sensor called the 'Face Bass'. Real-time sampling and looping technology allows DaveJ to perform as a One Man Didjeridoo Disco, creating rich multi-layered soundscapes live on stage. DaveJ has a comprehensive musical background, performing and recording music from a young age. He is a multi-instrumentalist who lists Didjeridoo, drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and vocals as his musical weapons of choice! After growing up by the beach on the east coast of Australia, DaveJ set off to explore the world and discovered electronic and dance music in his travels to Amsterdam, the UK, Ibiza and Goa. He is currently based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Unique Sounds... DaveJ uses a couple of nifty inventions created by the Australian Didjeridoo legend Charlie McMahon - * Didjeribone™: A slide Didjeridoo that can be used to play rhythms, riffs and melodies in up to 10 keys * Face Bass: An amazing piece of technology that sits inside the mouth and uses an earthquake sensor to pick up the vibrations from the Didjeribone™, face & vocal chords In his role as a clinician for Roland Corp Australia, DaveJ also has access to the latest in music technology which he uses in his live shows, including electronic percussion, effects & looping pedals. The Music... DaveJ has released his debut EP organic electric showcasing his distinct sound, which has been described as 'tribal techno' and 'didjeridoo disco'. Tracks from the EP have received airplay on several radio stations including Radio Metro Gold Coast, 4ZZZ Brisbane and WWPV college radio in the USA. Minor Madness, the first track on organic electric, was judged worthy of a place in the top 10 tracks in the Electronic/Dance category in the 2007 Q Song Awards. Reviews... "DaveJ's original music stands out from the crowd...hearing his EP 'organic electric' it isn't surprising to find international dance music is his inspiration. There is an inherently international flavour to the recording, strong dance beats mixed in smoothly with the didjeridoo - a combination that the multi-instrumentalist pulls off incredible well" Australian Musician Magazine Autumn 2008 "Infectious, trippy, tribal, didgeridoo-led techno/funk...if your body doesn't move at all to this, check yourself into the morgue!" DJ Seamus WWPV 88.7 FM Recent appearances include... * Finalé Concert of Fête de la Musique at Reddacliff Place, Brisbane CBD * Roland Corp Australia national product launch, The Basement: DaveJ closed the show at one of Sydney's premier live venues * Let The Didj Out, Sydney: DaveJ performed with Australian Didjeridoo legend Charlie McMahon * AMA Convention, Gold Coast: DaveJ was invited to open the show for Australian rock legend Bob Spencer (Skyhooks/Angels)


Konstnären: DaveJ
Titel: Organic Electric
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2007-11-13
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479638039