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Mrs Lightning's Valentine

Mrs Lightning's Valentine

  • Genom Pardue Dave
  • Release 2009-02-10
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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My music is not trendy or current, but has, I hope, a timeless feel. I write about romance and dreams; fun and friendships; warmth and hope. I'm Dave Pardue and what thrills me the most is when something I write touches someone like you. Thanks for listening. (And thanks so much for these reviews..(!) they make it all worth doing -dp) Excellent Record. Ben Reed (Los Angeles, CA) I played the title track 4 times in a row, then did the same thing with last song on the album (maybe more for that one) on a long road trip. Not ashamed to say I cried through both (and cried some through one other song called Sweet Dreams). I don't usually do this, so it was hard to believe. I guess it came at a time in my life when I really needed it. Thanks, Dave. I'll never forget that trip Outstanding Album!, givpilot (Groton, MA USA) Dave Pardue has a wonderful voice and his songs penetrate your soul. Anyone that has lived at all can relate to the lyrics; they transport you to the special times of your life, the times with the people that shaped your fondest memories. Pardue is an unrecognized artist that deserves wider distribution. This is a great CD and one that you'll cherish. Perfect Road-Trip CD Erin (Atlanta) It's rare when you come across a CD that you want to listen to from beginning to end....over and over and over. Literally every song on this CD is great. This is going to be a classic! I sung along at the first listening. Mrs. Lightning's Valentine takes you through a wide range of emotions: You rock, you cry, you laugh! I caught glimpses of Bon Jovi,Springsteen,and Phil Collins ...great ballads. I can't wait for more. A professor's rating of Dave Pardue's new album... kimball king (chapel hill,nc) The songs in this album are fresh & original. Pardue has a beautiful voice. My favorite is the title song, Mrs. Lightning's Valentine; but I have a feeling several others will compete for my choice of the most fascinating song soon. This young man is obviously an important talent. I hope he'll have another offering before long! --kk A girl from back home... 'Tara' (Burlington, NC) Dave gave me a copy of Mrs. Lightning's Valentine before it was released. Hands down through out the years this is the only album that I still pop into my CD player that grounds my soul. This playful, deep and compassionate album brings out the sweetness of love, the deepness of our souls and the seriousness of life. Moving from every emotion Dave leaves you feeling free and alive. I can always count on Mrs. Lightning's Valentine for rekindling my soul. Thank you Dave, more than you'll ever know. Great album! Liz (Los Angeles, CA) My friend referred this album to me. I really enjoy it, especially the title track. I highly recommend it to rock fans out there like me! A 'Must Have' Tonya Webb (US) It's been a long time since I found a CD that I could listen to completely without finding at least one song I'd want to skip through. It's rare that I find an artist that I can relate to that much. But, there are exceptions to every rule...This CD is one of those exceptions! I love every single song. Musically the arrangements are superb. No doubt about it: This is a very talented group of musicians. The sound is a great mixture of rock and pop. The vocals are sexy and full of emotion. I am recommending this CD to everyone I know. It's amazing! Soulful and sensitive Leah McCracken (North Carolina) Have you ever listened to a CD and not skipped a single song? I can promise you that you won't want to skip any of the songs on this album! Lyrically, the album is soulful, deep, and sensitive. Musically, it's absolutely beautiful. (Don't get me definitely rocks, too!) And the only word I can think of to describe the vocals on this album is 'SEXY'! 'Mrs. Lightning's Valentine' is a must-have. Amazed! Danny Kahn (Atlanta, Ga.) It's been quite some time since I've heard a CD put out by anyone, let alone a not yet well known superstar, that I wanted to listen to over and over again. I love this CD. The music is beautiful, the lyrics are wonderful and the feeling that comes through the entire CD is one of passion, fun and love! I kid you not when I say I love every song on it. I don't know that I could have ever said that before about a CD from even my favorite artists. Finally, the quality of the recording is as good as it gets. Just a phenomenal CD! I expect he will be a well known superstar in the near future. Dan Kahn Title changing. John (nashvegas) From the first hint of audio to the last note played this collection of fun, heartfelt and thought stiring songs touched me deeply. The title track #7, mrs lighting's valentine moved me so much by the time it reached the bridge I had goose bumps, misty-eyes and felt like I just went 12 rounds with tyson. There was no turning back, Dave had gripped my soul, I thank him for enriching my life with his talent and renewing my trust in music. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Johnny Ray (Canton,ga.) I had the pleasure of meeting Dave when he moved to a city that I worked in. He was a very nice person and when we talked about music he gave me a few CD's to hand out. On the way home from work I popped in the CD and couldn't believe what I was hearing, finally a CD that you didn't spend all your time switching to a song you wanted to hear I couldn't wait to hand the CD's out and all my freinds loved him. He was even nice enough to go to a local school and give a speech to the band class. What a guy! What a CD!! Thanks Dave and please give us more soon. This is Great!!! Lisa Dickamn (Dahlonega, Georgia) This a great collection of words and lyrics. It's one of those albums you can listen to over and over. I met dave a few days ago in North Georgia. He's a very nice and down to earth person and he has two great dogs. Thanks Dave, the CD is Great!! Dave ROCKS! Rowe Coley (WINSTON-SALEM, NC USA) Dave is a GREAT new artist. Tell everyone about Dave Pardue and this CD. morisen (Charlotte) Only once in a while do you come across a record you can play at a big party in a 6 CD changer and everytime one of the tracks come on - someone asks 'Who is this? - it's great!' Well, this has happened on (2) occasions recently here in Charlotte (which may explain the surge in sales, in the Charlotte area, on When is the last time you truly enjoyed a CD from start to finish and couldn't wait to play back a few afterwards? It's rare. But, Mrs. Lightning's Valentine is such a rare gem that you almost don't want to share it with many people but, at the same time, you don't want to deprive the masses from hearing it. Take a listen, kick back, and let yourself go. This may be the only CD worthy of a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. --morisen QUITE SURPRISED! On a suggestion from a friend that I should hear David Pardue's new CD I thought what the heck give it a try even though I was not expecting a lot from a new artist. Needless to say, I was most impressed and have played and recommended it often.


Konstnären: Pardue Dave
Titel: Mrs Lightning's Valentine
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2009-02-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 672437000122