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Piccolo Heart

Piccolo Heart

  • Genom Dave Boutette
  • Release 2007-06-19
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Media-Format CD
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Dave Boutette's Midwest is full of passion, humor and a certain shakey grace. Influenced by songwriters that span from Chuck Berry to John Prine, he documents the trips and triumphs of life between the coasts. With a full band or solo acoustic, Boutette easily reveals a Midwest experience worthy of a second look with performances that are engaging, exhilarating, and often peppered with stories culled from his times on the road and his years growing up in the shadow of Detroit. "There\'s an honesty in his voice that\'s genuinely comforting; he finishes each line with an exclamation point that\'s confident without coming off as smug, putting him somewhere in between Alex Chilton and Elvis Costello. Boutette\'s a songwriter that relieves the Midwest of it's tendency to spew forth an endless sea of singer/songwriter banality, replacing it's tired clichés with protagonists that are as mischievous as they are heartfelt." All Music Guide "Boutette's genial temperament and taste make each song durable, and he baits his hooks like a Zen trout fishing master." Ann Arbor News Latest Release The Piccolo Heart is out now on the Embassy Hotel Records label. It is a fully realized twelve song testament to Boutette's commitment to writing and songcraft, blending many schools of American roots and popular music into a unique and accessible statement on love and all that comes with it. Recorded and produced by Adam Druckman. "From it's cracked cabaret start to the Salvation Army march of it's endearing title track, The Piccolo Heart exhibits a rare sense of musical and lyrical humor that is not only refreshingly original and most welcome, it is entirely infectious. Like Tom Waits without the early years of bourbon and the latter years of brimstone, Boutette\'s crafty songs intermittently creep up or pounce on you. Either way, you\'re along for a fun ride. A decidedly happy slop sink of styles, the Junk Monkey\'s former guitarist ranges woozily from the above mentioned cabaret (Dime In Hand, Love Won\'t Go Away (\'So you\'d better make room for it\'), then waltzes blithely into Girl In Love (\'Who swept the moon from the sky?\'). Wilco whispers Brave Little Darling while a bowed bass wreaks havoc on the deceptively pretty First Snow of November. Throw in an inventive rendering of Stephen Foster\'s Why No One to Love?\'and The Piccolo Heart becomes a true restorative in every sense of the word." Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange "Pop vocalist Dave Boutette fuses a sort of classic folk feel ala Woodie Guthrie or early Dylan with kisses of modern alt folk edginess and a touch of crooner blues. The result is unique and refreshing, with music that let's you pay attention to the wonderful stories while experiencing them in subtly non traditional singer/songwriter fashions. You can also think of Tom Waits without the gruff voice. Songs like "Waltz For Smelt," "Dime In Hand" and "New Parade" cast perspective on his  talents. Music that is catchy, honest and enjoyable as well as being skillfully crafted." Music Morsels "One thing about Dave Boutette - he has a way with words, a talent that\'s more than evident on his latest CD, \'The Piccolo Heart.\'\' That the local folk-rocker is as skilled a musician as he is a songwriter is just icing on this particular cake. Boutette, with work shaped by the likes of Dylan, Westerberg, Guthrie, Costello and Prine, is one of those guys who will probably wind up being cited as an influence by the next generation of singer-songwriters." Ann Arbor News \'Dave Boutette is an interesting songwriter from Ann Arbor, influenced by many artists, from Phil Cody to Ryan Adams. His new album The Piccolo Heart is an exceptional example of new wave of American songwriter scene. Nel continuo fermento artistico della scena musicale americana e nel suo continuo alternarsi di next big thing e replicanti di vecchie rock icone rock, ogni tanto fa capo qualche sopresa interessante ma pochissime volte accade di trovarsi di fronte a cantautori con reali possibilità di sfondare e molto spesso si tratta solo di lampi momentanei come accadde negl'anni novanta con Phil Cody con The Sons of Intemperance Offering. Di recente si fa un gran parlare di Dave Boutette, un giovane cantautore dalla grandi qualità, che da poco ha pubblicato The Piccolo Heart, un disco di pregevole fattura che mescola sperimentazione e ricerca sonora con un limpido songwriting. Boutette non è un pivellino, ma anzi ha una bella esperienza alle spalle prima con i Junk Monkeys, una punk rock band di Detroit poi come solista. I suoi tre album precedenti non hanno avuto grande risonanza ma ascoltandoli si ha la sensazione che il suo talento emerga progressivamente e se letto in questo senso The Piccolo Heart, è il suo disco della maturità presentando un vero e proprio salto di qualità rispetto al passato.\' Il Popolo del Blues.


Konstnären: Dave Boutette
Titel: Piccolo Heart
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2007-06-19
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 649288337127