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North Coast Patriarchs

North Coast Patriarchs

  • Genom Dan Smith
  • Release 2012-08-28
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media-Format CD
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'Smith electrifies his audiences with a blend of music and comedy.' -Kevin Sites, Yahoo! News Born and raised in Toledo, Dan 'Southpaw' Smith has been a hip-hop head since around the time when hip-hop was first being recorded: Newcleus, Whodini, Fat Boys, Run D.M.C. After years of rapping in duos, bands, and even a choir, Smith decided to record a few songs while he was writing comedy material (for a church) in the Washington, D.C. area. In 2005, Smitty recorded his first song 'Baby Got Book,' a comical, Sir-Mix-a-Lot parody commending Christian ladies for their faith while also satirizing a Christian subculture that has gotten a little 'out of touch.' The 'Baby Got Book' music video went viral, generating 26 million hits at in it's first year (before YouTube was officially launched) and attracting international attention to Southpaw's wit and positive messages. 'Dan Smith... simultaneously praises godly women and pokes fun at aspects of Christian culture.' -John Metcalfe, New York Times Since moving back to Ohio in May 2005, Dan's music has been featured or discussed on CNN, VH-1, New York Times, FHM, the front page of Yahoo!, and major wake-up shows throughout the U.S.. He was also recognized by Cleveland Magazine in 2007 as one of Cleveland's 'Most Interesting People.' 'If his goal was to reach young people: Done!' -Regina Lewis, CNN Headline News Southpaw is working hard to make a positive difference through hip-hop, and he feels like the release of North Coast Patriarchs is a huge step in that direction. The album demonstrates an eclectic mix of rock music, Mid-West beats, tough lyrics, old school styles, clever metaphors, and even a couple of ridiculous songs that remind us of Dan's comedy roots. Smith spits conscious hip-hop that points students and adults away from the drugs, violence, misogyny, and narcissism that we usually associate with the genre. He wants his music to be a gut-check that points people toward positivity, outward-focused causes, and a relationship with their Creator. His tenacious drive to make an impact in people's lives keeps him busy serving his community and has turned him into a road warrior, rapping and speaking around the country year after year since the mid-90s. Tracks... Yo Sound Tech = A tribute to servant-hearted sound techs everywhere...esp. Dan's recently deceased friend, Paul Rice, from Kentucky Christian University. R.I.P., brother. Find Something 2 Hold On 2 = Sweet, hard rock meets tough hip-hop That Good Stuff = The name says it all; the 'fruit of the Spirit' communicated through beat-bangin' goodness How Long? = R&B/Neo soul; you ever had someone play with your heart and waste your time? Then this song is for you. Update from Upstate = Southpaw's silliness is back! Here's what this Ohio boy has been up to. Psalm 23 = A hip-hop interpretation of this epic psalm Patriarch = A track for dudes who long to leave a spiritual legacy; strong leaders who strive to be godly men for the sake of Jesus' cause Viral = Dan's (playful and serious) thoughts on having had millions of people see/hear his songs on the internet Never Without a Parable = Jesus was a storyteller; if we follow him, we should be too. Beneficiary of a Mismatch (Remix) = Every guy's dream is to end up with a chick who is waaaaaaay outta his league. We wanna 'marry UP.' Here's today's version -- musically upgraded from the 2008 track on his 'D.E.B.'S. Kid' album. Can't Shut Me -- Everyone has a song for the haters; Smitty challenges his haters to heed the teachings of Jesus...and confront him one-on-one before broadcast their misconceptions of his ministry Raise the Dead -- Dan's testimony of Jesus...and his spiritual responsibility to TELL the story Bunny Beef -- The Easter Bunny's got beef with Santa. He's tire of him gettin' all the glory. This is the one, pure comedy song on the album; total ridiculousness. Find Something 2 Hold On 2 - Part II -- Take the first version...and add K-Drama as the song's producer...and Bumps INF with a guest verse. Epitaph -- This is a song about how Dan wants to be remembered when his life and ministry in this world are over. Heavy... With some new producers, likeminded Cleveland emcees, and an incredible engineer on his side - Smith truly feels like 'North Coast Patriarchs' is just the beginning... '[Dan's] got that big mojo going for him, doesn't he?' -Ted Henry (WEWS-TV Cleveland)


Konstnären: Dan Smith
Titel: North Coast Patriarchs
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2012-08-28
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 884501775090