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Something True

Something True

  • Genom Copperdown
  • Release 2006-01-03
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Copperdown is a Waco/Austin, TX-based duo consisting of Scott Menefee and Patrick McFarland. Hailing from Jacksonville, deep in East Texas, Scott and Patrick made their initial musical connection in high school the summer before their junior year, playing two exceedingly cheap electric guitars and recording whatever came to mind with a bulky LaSonic jam box. 'We didn't always have lots of options as far as things to do for fun in those days,' says Scott, 'so usually we'd end up spending our time recording little bits of noise and stuff we found funny, or just hanging out listening to music and discussing it. We were part of an extremely tight group of friends, and most of us were interested in music and art. It was great.' For years, this collaboration remained far more humor-driven than artistic in nature. Patrick and Scott both played in separate bands off and on throughout high school, college and afterwards, all the while introducing each other to new styles and ideas, and recording various nonsensical things together just for fun. Finally, the point came when the two friends realized that their once disparate tastes had merged into a common, hybrid musical vision, and Copperdown was born. 'We both like straightforward pop rock, laden with cool hooks, but at the same time we both dig the complexity and thick harmonic textures of other styles,' says Patrick. 'That sort of became one of our goals - to satisfy our musical inventiveness, but at the same time always keep everything based on good, simple melodies.' Copperdown approaches their music with an underlying lyrical philosophy as well, grounded in the shared belief that no matter what the news of the day may bring, there is always hope and beauty in the world, and in people. 'Music has quite a persuasive power to it, so I think it's important to put out an optimistic message,' Scott says. 'Not that you can't have sad songs, but there's always some hope in the end.' Rounding out the Copperdown aesthetic is a deep-rooted, if not readily apparent, connection to the region where both members grew up. Says Patrick, 'Our music might not sound like the type one would immediately associate with rural East Texas, but our old haunts pervade a lot of what we do... just an indescribable influence that makes the music what it is today.' The result of all this synthesis is Copperdown's first album, Something True. Fusing a wide range of genres into a vibrant, exciting new sound, Copperdown integrates a sweeping array of textures into a distinctive style all their own. Something True is a sonic feast for the ears, and an uplifting boost for the spirit.


Konstnären: Copperdown
Titel: Something True
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-01-03
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 837101125321