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Chill 1 /  Various

Chill 1 / Various

  • Genom Various Artists
  • Release 2003-06-17
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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Produkt anteckningar

Chill vol.1 the third release from Abstrakt Reality is a laid back moody downbeat compilation. The project starts with a very melodic track from new artist Soma sonic. Coming from Canada, this brother duo combines soulful chords with the underground feel of drum and bass with their track ' Future'. A well-polished production makes this duo a must listen. Look out for a full release from this team. Next is Noel Zancanella, Noel leans more toward the jazzy trip hop style of production with his track 'where edges meet'. With full strings and vocal samples, A very well produced track with a strong but smooth rhythm foundation. Also look for a full release from Noel Z. The Mighty one comes from Los Angeles and brings a sort of experimental style of downbeat jazz. Also a new to Abstrakt, the track 'lazy bones Jones' makes very good use of the roads piano as he takes you through his musical journey of rich textured sounds and effects. Mr. Soon creates a universe of ambiance that can be compared to Miles Davis on planet mars. Mr. Soon with his track 'softcore' takes far away from reality, as you know it. The deep reverb trumpet set on top of a alien landscape of moving melodies and strange sounds that add to a universe all his own. Sit back and imagine the soundtrack to the movie of your mind. Demolition squad is just that, with the track ' looking out for number one' A very impressive use of sounds and piano mixed with a funky rhythm foundation. Sort of imagine a funky 2001 soundtrack. The duo are masters at the art of musical sound collage. 'Danger Will Robertson, Danger '!!!!!!!! David Bartel with his third release ('give it back') with Abstrakt brings us somewhere between a futuristic racetrack and the underground club of trip hop/downbeat. This track takes you on a few plateaus of musical enjoyment. As it moves from a laid back violin influenced track to a more energetic drum and bass expressed offering. Always bringing us back to his world a nice offering from David. Zimar makes good use of the trumpet in the track ' my world '. Somewhere in-between deepeche mode and a soulful melodic Miles, this track is well placed in the definition of the word chill. Very laid back and melodic, the way Zimar likes his music. Cavestar delivers a very world beat electronic track with 'spirit writing' you fell like you are actually on the reservation exploring the planes through your spirit guide. A nice use of ethnic flutes and rhythms along with sampled tribal vocals sets Cavestar as one of the foundation members of reality Abstrakt. The duo Mekanic makes use of experimental hip-hop to it's finest. The track ' girls who really know ' is an ever-changing hip-hop track with well placed vocal samples and strange sounds. It never stands still as the combination of smooth textured sounds caress your soul and then rip a hole through your mentality all in a controlled chill environment.


Konstnären: Various Artists
Titel: Chill 1 / Various
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2003-06-17
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 657515000423
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