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When Lights Go on

When Lights Go on

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Mark Andriany: Guitars John Moriarty: Guitars Jung Park: Vocals, Rhodes, Guitars John Wilson: Drums Tom Hester: Sound Specialist Jesse Craig: Bass "It's been a lot of years since I've been in a band where what I'm writing is up for criticism. It's a whole new game now. It makes me nervous and excited at the same time." J. Park The Story begins in Orange County, Ca. where five unsuspecting characters were brought together. With television and media destroying the image of the place where they call home there was something brewing in a little home studio where the songs of Chemical Chemical were giving birth. It had been 5 years since Park had written music for a band he called his own. After the end of his band Dear Mr. Peterson he spent the majority of his time working in and out of studios and going on short runs with touring bands as a hired guitar player. "I always love playing live and playing with great bands but it wasn't the same since it wasn't music of my own." says Park. Meanwhile, Wilson had been touring with different acts like John Davis (Superdrag) and began crossing paths with Park in the studio while working on projects together. The two just began to click once put in the creative setting together. "I remember hanging out and having a conversation about artists we liked and stuff like that. I think we talked about Massive Attack and the Beach Boys for a while when I thought to myself he could be a great choice for drummer. I mean, we did listen to the whole Cardigans record while sitting in the studio so he had to be in." says Park. As the writing process was now in full force Park and Wilson began their search for the other members of Chemical Chemical. 25 songs later the search was in full order. Moriarty was the next to join in. Moriarty and Park were band mates from their former band, Geisha. After losing touch for a couple of years it turned out that they were living a few streets over from each other without knowing it. Moriarty had just finished up with is band Spaceshot and his joining up with Park was great timing. After trying out a few different people out Andriany was the next find for the band. After graduating college in 2006 Andriany found himself moving back to Orange County to join the band and try some new things. Being a longtime friend of Park made the transition really easy. Andriany has the tendency to get kicked out of the band weekly for many different reasons but he has just skinned by somehow. After forming the band, Chemical Chemical moved quickly into the studio to work with friend Drew Hester in Burbank, Ca. Drew had just finished recording and producing Taylor Hawkins' new album. The EP is due to release in the summer of 2006. Until it releases the band will be playing local shows and coontinuing the writing process. The music has been described by many as a sound all it's own. With the unique qualities that each member brings to the band creates a melting pot of music. Elements of rock and electronics have fueled the sound from the beginning. With the beauty of strings or the nastiness of distorted drums Chemical Chemical connects the listener to each song through meaningful lyrics and moving instrumentations. When asked about their influences the band has answered by saying, 'Everything we've ever heard has meant something to us in some way. It's just a matter of whether or not it touched us at the moment we heard it. We respect the greats of the past who paved the way for musicians like us but also respect the ones who are pushing the present state of music to new places.' The possiblity of being in that category drives this band to create something that will be meaningful to every listener. Take a listen and enjoy.


Konstnären: Chemical Chemical
Titel: When Lights Go on
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2006-09-19
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 801495173527