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By the Sea

By the Sea

  • Genom The Changes
  • Release 2004-03-02
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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'CHANGES' is a Trop-rock band from Western Massachusetts. Seems like a funny place to be writing songs about warm days and ocean breezes, perhaps. But then again, songs like 'What Life's About' tell it like it is, from the edge of a snow-bank on a miserable New England winter day, dreaming of running off to the islands. 'By The Sea' sings of listening to that little voice inside your head that says 'You really need more beach time, Mon!!!' And everyone will be able to relate to 'Seven Days', a light-hearted look at being in the doghouse with your 'significant other' again. 'CHANGES' is an 8-piece group. Front man Steve Kareta has spent many days scouring beaches and islands, looking for the 'perfect spot' to bask in the sun. He's also the main songwriter, and plays acoustic and electric guitars. 'Digital' Dan Moraski covers all the brass and tropical effects on his guitar synthesizer, while multi-instrumentalist Guy Wallis covers the traditional piano and organ parts, as well as stretching out on the blues harp. Percussionist Brandon Marger drives the songs with a wide variety of instruments ranging from the standard congas, timbale, clave, and tambourine, to the exotic like Bata (Itotele, Iya, Okonkolo), rain stick, berimbau, and cuica. Steve Maher provides the low end with solid bass lines, and drummer Steven Lawton kept time. The group is rounded out by the vocals of Liz Nogueira and Emily Harnish. 'CHANGES' cut their teeth performing as a first-class Jimmy Buffett tribute show, which they still do under the name 'CHANGES IN LATITUDES', but don't expect the CD to sound totally like JB. It's an original mix of rock, folk, country, and reggae. 'Face it, you have to write about what you know. I grew up in Las Vegas, but, through some bizarre twist, wound up in New England', says Steve K (whose favorite sunning spots are Wiamanalo Bay, a Kama'aina beach on the eastern side of Oahu, and the Rams Head area on the southeastern tip of St John, by the way). 'The idea for 'CHANGES' started at a friend's wedding party, and it just grew on it's own from there. We really didn't audition anybody that didn't wind up staying in the group, though we've had a few personnel changes enroute. It's a huge family, and a load of fun.'


Konstnären: The Changes
Titel: By the Sea
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2004-03-02
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479036576