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1st Class (Keep It Cool)

1st Class (Keep It Cool)

  • Genom C'Beyohn
  • Release 2008-06-10
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media-Format CD
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And it don\'t stop...\'now it\'s another chapter same book\', and c\'beyohn becomes Shitti Sharp. After droppin\' the classic \'Now Open\', which became a favorite for lovers of Progressive/Hip Hop/Soul music. He\'s back and classier than ever with his new EP \'1st Class\', from the Keep it Cool Collection. Raised in the home of Soul, Blues, and Rock & Roll Music (Memphis), the 70\'s baby known by his charming personality, flair for style, and being the life of the party developed a unique approach to creating and performing Hip Hop Music. His affair with the arts started in elementary school and church from dancing at the parties and singing in choirs. It was also then when he first started writing songs along with is older cousin Quane from Chicago. Fast forward to High school where he met Clete \'Elect\' Bridges and formed C&C which later became The Crew DaSheikh after adding MC\'s K-Lip, Relly Rell and DJ Buluu. C\'beyohn then went to Tennessee State University and the group recorded several songs and did shows across the South East but never released any material due to creative differences. After one last attempt in 2002 to revive the synergy the group once had and nothing materialized, c decided he had no choice but to step out there on his own. During that last session, they where recording with Toronto based producer Bobby Tech the two created a bond and later recorded the project \'Now Open\' in 2003. He then living in Atlanta had product and years of experience under his belt and became one of the most innovative artist on the scene. He later connected with some like minded artist and formed the collective \'Fresh Air Foundation\' (Know Massive, Jamma Wun*, Sky Hy, Faona Strong, and DJ Frogie) in 2004 and served as player/coach and they dominated stages in the area. In 2005 he was nominated for \'The Guaranteed Fresh\' award and the crew for \'Group of the Year\' in the Atlanta UnderGrammy\'s Award Show. Now it's 2008 and c\'beyohn is in the best position possible. After forming the label Upper Echelon Innertainment and collaborating with incredible producers such as Xaku Ra, B Styles, Phokus, and Rodderick Stewart there\'s no stopping. No jail time, drug sales, or broken homes just powerful production, cleaver concepts and a love for quality timeless music.


Konstnären: C'Beyohn
Titel: 1st Class (Keep It Cool)
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2008-06-10
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479785658