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Vol. 1

Vol. 1

  • Genom Casperous Vine
  • Release 2007-06-12
  • Musikgenre International
  • Media-Format CD
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'A collection of music inspired by an unusual decade....with a snow-boys quill.' This statement which is written in the liner notes for Caperous Vine´s 2007 release 'Ginger Lovers Volume 1' is the only descriptive given by P.C.K at that time. Casperous Vine is an instrumental musical concept that American composer/muliti-instrumentalist Paul C. Kozlowski began to develop in the beginning of the 21st century after the breakup of the experimental grindcore outfit 'Parade of the Lifeless' of which Paul was the founder/multi-instrumentalist. Originating from Buffalo, NY Casperous Vine has evolved from a solo project to an acoustic chamber quartet, formations as a sextet, and now in 2014 an electro-acoustic quartet featuring members from Lithuania, & Tenerife. Performing and bringing to life Kozlowski's stylistically unorthodox compositions-deeply influenced by his encounters as a world traveler as well as his experience writing music for Buffalo's avant-garde theater. The music varies drastically year to year and uses the common thread of odd structures, serial composition, dynamic improvisation & motives with twisted paths & hidden corners. The concept behind Casperous Vine is to have various formations of musicians/instrumentation which depend on which territory Kozlowski is exploring. It is this formula which enhances the variety, depth, & dexterity of the group. Each release has been radically different but yet always remains sincere to their style, Casperous Vine does not simply try to mimic other genres but instead they embrace and weave details into a never ending tapestry. Inspired by Classical, Experimental, Hip hop, Eastern European gypsy, Afro-beat, Latin-jazz, Cinema, Oriental, and Progressive fusion, Casperous Vine's genre-defying sound is that of a transplanted nostalgia, the chaos of distant memories and the whimsical reinterpretation of tales. This music is new, subtle, raw, & beautifully unique. Instrumentation. Paul Christopher Kozlowski- All nylon, electric guitars, fretless bass, accordion, oud, vibraphone, marimba, glocks, percussion, vox, keys/synths, didj, scrap metal, flutes, mandolin, jew harp, programming, samples, jaymar, cello, violin, porpoise, the trither, anu. Eleni Petrou-Cello David Thomas Phillips-Trash kit, cajon Rebecca Mercurio-Double bass Pat Cain-Bowls, bells, vox Jess Collins-Voice Steve Baczkowski-Bass Clarinet Leif Nicklas-Double Bass Kara McKenney-Vox, synths Glenn Szmanski-Drum Programming Brian Wantuch-Sound Engineer Inspired by classical, experimental, Eastern European gypsy, cinema, arab, and klezmer music, Casperous Vine's genre-defying sound is that of a transplanted nostalgia, the chaos of distant memories and the whimsical reinterpretation of tales. "Kozlowski's skill as a composer (especially given his lack of formal training) is formidable, and particularly evident on the songs 'Granite' and 'Li Fong'..." - Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News "Although this music has a Spanish-tinged ethnic flavor, it doesn't really sound like it has a distinct link to any one culture. What I dig is that it has a minimal yet kaleidoscopic quality with selective layers of acoustic, electric and sampled sounds seamlessly woven together into an endless story that changes scenery every few minutes." - Bruce Lee Gallanter of Downtown Music Gallery NYC reviews debut album "Ginger Lovers Volume I"


Konstnären: Casperous Vine
Titel: Vol. 1
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 2007-06-12
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 692863123523