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Jesus Is the Conqueror

Jesus Is the Conqueror

(Duplicated CD)
  • Genom Carl Adams
  • Release 2008-09-09
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Media-Format CD
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This CD is a particular one, it is not just another one among the other good ones. Carl B. Adams, who before he was called by God, into Ministry, received a Certificate for Proficiency and Skill, on trumpet in a performance with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, at Texas Southern University The Certificate was issued by the Recording Industries of the United States and Canada. Adams, a renown trumpeter, and a professional, played in the bands of the late, Ray Charles, the Charlie Mingus Jazz band and band of B.B. King. He has been featured in 8 countries, and at Carnige Hall Hi music has been featured on 7 syndicated TV shows, including The Tonight Show., and included in a Grammy Award album produced by Quincy Jones. Prior, he received an Honorable discharge from the United States Army where he received various Certificates, awards and honor for trumpet performance in Special Services. He holds a Certificate for completion of program from Urban Research Group in service to our Government, where his research began. He completed a 20 year research project that revealed what today we call, God's Music and God's Universal System. Carl Adams and Gospel Jazz Band, recorded God's Music on this 5 star rated CD at the Jewish Community Center in Houston, TX. God's Music is the original music performed by Moses in the 1st Passover in Exodus 12;23-24, and Leviticus 23: The CD, Jesus is the Conqueror, contains this very same music. It is performed totally free, without a written sheet or score. Adams wrote and arranged each selection on this CD, which is the historical path from musics beginning, until today. Adams wrote a compilation of 18 books, detailing and explaining , The Discovery of Ages, by far, the most significant of all world wonders. He wrote and arranged each selection on this CD.. He has received all good news reviews, including Down Beat Magazine. It contains the one law by which the entire universe is controlled, maintained and governed. It is our viable means by which to restore us to the correct natural Time Rhythm and Sound of earth and the universe of which we ae in conflict with., and reason for great rejoicing, because we can avoid the consequences of said conflict, which is total destruction of all human life and earth.. He holds four proclamations from the City of Houston, TX for Jazz Month, as well as significant endorsements from officials in the city of Houston and State of Texas.


Konstnären: Carl Adams
Titel: Jesus Is the Conqueror
Genre: Jazz
Attribut: Duplicated CD
Releasedatum: 2008-09-09
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479883750
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