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Buttered for Her Pleasure

Buttered for Her Pleasure

  • Genom Buttery Lords
  • Release 2006-12-12
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media-Format CD
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'The Buttery Lords are like a wonderful audio time capsule from my favorite era of hiphop-oh, the early/mid '90s, when most of the listening world still was unsure whether the Beastie Boys were talented or just goofballs, and when jingly Digable Planets songs were updating jazz music with a one-two combination of lounge beats and street smarts. It was a glorious time! ...the Buttery Lords return hiphop to what I always hoped it would be: macho and aggrandizing, yet still fun, jazzy, cheeky, and self-effacing. There are several reasons why the Buttery Lords have become one of the city's longest-standing hiphop groups: They have musical talents and confidence (and a hefty library of pop-culture references-really, when's the last time Fabio, Bob Seger, and the WTO protests have been referenced together in a rap song?), but also the good sense not to take themselves too seriously. Even their most vulgar lyrics make you want to throw your arms around these young men.' - The Portland Mercury ***** Portland's idiosyncratic rap heroes the Buttery Lords proudly announce the Collector's Edition reissue of their underground hit Buttered For Her Pleasure. This album is a unique hip-hop experience featuring live bass and drums that showcase the imaginative lyrics of gifted MCs Dr Marble, Hub, and Baby Powder Fresh. In addition to the ten original tracks and a dub remix, the Collector's Edition of Buttered For Her Pleasure features an industry first: commentary tracks! These six tracks are just like a DVD commentary, but without the stupid pictures, as the MCs offer insight and colorful anecdotes about the writing and production of the songs. And oh, those songs... those wonderful, wonderful songs! "Make U Sad" is a dark, densely orchestrated tale of woe, featuring cello, upright bass, sitar, and lyrics that would make Jesus punch a puppy right in the face. Spelling lessons and sexual innuendo blend seamlessly in "Let's Get Buttery," a steamy favorite of the group's frenetic live shows. The anthemic dance track "Oh So Creamy" provokes outlandish gyration, while "Vitamin R" is a horn-driven ode to the now-defunct Rainier pounder. And yes, that is Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler", although you might not recognize it anymore. Mixed by indie rock icon Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studio, Buttered For Her Pleasure may be one of the few hip-hop albums ever produced without a single drum machine, loop, or even a click track. The elastic, jazz-influenced bass lines of PBR-1 are balanced with powerful, buttrock-derived drumwork by Voltron's Booty - all recorded live and uncut. The Lords then added touches of horns, keys, strings, and other tasty bits, crafting arrangements to frame the witty dementia of their narratives. Buttered For Her Pleasure was originally released four years ago and sold exclusively at the Buttery Lord's famously unchained live performances. Despite a ridiculously limited print run, it won them a place in the hearts of fans and critics alike. Now restored in remastered glory, the Collector's Edition is ready to unleash it's creamy splendor upon the world. *** "They have a live rhythm section that makes the music sound, appropriately, quite creamy." - The Willamette Week "I... do not know what this is. I mean, it's rap, but it's also-man, I think these guys are a genre unto themselves, and I adore them and their weirdness." - Ficbyzee, regarding "Oh So Creamy" "The Buttery Lords are masters of parody... they have real skills [and] could take on Snoop Dogg any day." - The Portland Tribune "[Their] minds in the gutter, the Buttery Lords are the delinquent trio of rap." - The Oregonian '...I added 10k!' - Jeff Stuart Saltzman, Mastering Engineer.


Konstnären: Buttery Lords
Titel: Buttered for Her Pleasure
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Releasedatum: 2006-12-12
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 751937297826