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Brothers of Max Catharsis

Brothers of Max Catharsis

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We're the Brothers of Max Catharsis -- a Seattle Based instrumental trio comprised of Joe Messer on Guitar, Ryan Farris on Bass, and Jay Jaskot on drums. We've been focused on producing sounds fused with rock, drum & bass, trance and jazz since we first originated, 6 years ago. Our music is organic, visionary, beautiful, and transportive. This is our first CD, recorded in the fall of '99. You can really feel the pure excitement we had making our first ever CD. It is full of love and creative energy plus mighty tasty tunes and jams. This CD made top 50 albums of 2002 in both March and April. Here's a review from Relix magazine of our second release, Collective Reverie. We were featured us in their December 2002 issue in their 'On The Verge' article.. an impressive instrumental trio that's been together for just over six years. Aside from playing throughout the North West they've managed to put out two albums. The latest, Collective Reverie, is a sheer delight both sophisticated and tasteful. Musically these guys skirt the borders between jazz, rock and ambient with subtle world-beat nuances. One can hear hints of 'Dark Star-ear' Grateful Dead influences here and there but essentially the band has a sound of it's own. It's somewhat low-key but remains intoxicating even though initially one might dismiss it as being too 'samey' or laid-back. Repeated plays reveal the complexities of the music in which intricate bass and drum patterns offer the perfect backdrop for the fluid and melodic guitar leads. Even though this is not a band that hits you immediately with it's presence or it's dexterity, it does have a seductive appeal. The instrumentals have a sense of direction and are full of rich melodic tones that evoke a spooky spiritual feel. This is most evident in the eerie 2-minute piece 'From the Well' and the warm ambience of 'Tunnels.' For the title cut they show their more exploratory side with 18-minutes of spacey improvisations which serves to highlight how musically proficient the trio is. And now, a little story... They would awake each morning and gaze at each other like the veterans of foreign wars. Perhaps stirring their coffee, each clockwise, on the counter; clinking spoons was the first music. Roommate musicians, listening, at first to the instrumental musings of the other. Inevitable as Ice they approached each other's music. They jammed... One day, bright as oranges, in the summer of '96, two musicians met under a tree. One representing the roommate musicians; the other, a drummer, representing himself. As commonplace as any event; and yet, spawning an uncommon band: the Brothers of Max Catharsis. Since that day, the Brothers of Max Catharsis have, with patience, refined a sound worthy of a band begat by a tree.


Konstnären: Brothers of Max Catharsis
Titel: Brothers of Max Catharsis
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2002-10-15
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479002700