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  • Genom Brigitte Leclerc
  • Release 2007-02-13
  • Musikgenre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Fratata...the Story The desire to create has always been within me. I can picture myself at a very young age, sitting on a swing, searching for rhyming words and a catchy tune. This desire grew more pressing the day I decides to dedicate my life to music and make it my livelihood. Desire turn to frustration as nearly ten years of scattered and incomplete efforts were needed for the creation of a first piece, entitled Fratata. It is only natural that this first composition would open my very first album. A turbulent period in my life followed, which interrupted my newfound inspiration. But it was those very events that lead to happy and wonderful discoveries and sparked an outburst of ideas and inspiration. Within a year, Despertando, Monky Funk, Changes, Au clair de ma lune and Plaza de Armas were born. Encouraged by my succesfully developed ideas and filled with enthusiasm, I felt the urge to produce a CD. Thanks to my steady gig with Cirque du Soleil's Mystère. I was able to finance my own project. Although I was aware of the potential cost involved, the decision was obvious to me. With the generous support of my dear friends from Mystère band, my dream would come true. It was incredible to me that all these elements came together at the same time. Baila con ella and Om namah sivaya were composed during this very exciting period. I have always liked Lila's Playground, written by Jean-François. It's simplicity and airiness contrasts nicely with the rest of the album. I am also grateful for his complete dedication to my project as co-producer, musician, co-arranger and copyist. Our unique collaboration inspired the last piece, Desert Skies. Despite two years of relentless efforts to create this album, it was ultimately shaped by spontaneity. I simply let myself get inspired, spoiled myself and followed my instincts without questioning them too much. There were no set rules. I merely expressed myself in an idiom that sang to me and used color that I heard. Feelings of joy, craziness and friendship were present throughout it's creation. Subsequently, several new friendships were born and existing relationships strengthened. This, alone, already fills me with joy. This is Fratata's story! Fratata is first and foremost a gift to myself that I also want to share with anyone who will listen. Ultimately, my only wish is to share the most precious gift I can joie de vivre, my immense love of life! Brigitte Leclerc Las Vegas, June 2000.


Konstnären: Brigitte Leclerc
Titel: Fratata!
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Releasedatum: 2007-02-13
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 709307813923