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Music of the Message

Music of the Message

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"The Music of the Message" A Serious Approach to Connecting the Scripture with the Music Bishop, Pastor, Author, recording artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Brian Anderson-Payne was placed in a chair to preach his first sermon before age 10. Now more than 25 years later, many find comfort, guidance and answers in the sermons preached by this psychological type preacher. Consecrated as the 2nd Presiding Bishop of the Universal Christian Organized Fellowship (UCOF) in April of 2008, Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne continues to impact the nation thru his multi-gifted abilities. Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne is a model of the prophets of old. Anointed with the word of God, he is an inspiring, motivating servant who preaches the word in such a way as to make it relevant to anyone who hears it. Based on Romans 12:2 he effectively teaches and instructs Christians on the "renewal of their minds" to empower them to walk in Christ while in the midst of a fallen world. Armed with a passion for music at an early age, Bishop Anderson-Payne wrote, produced and performed his first recording in 1986 and a second in 1992. Much of his music has been recorded/performed by such artists as Rodnie Bryant (Tyscot Records), Edwin Hawkins, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Mass Choir, and GMWA Youth Choir to name a few. In 2007 Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne recorded his first full length live gospel CD. In August of 2008, Bishop Anderson-Payne published his first book and released his first CD recording "The Music of the Message". What an interesting title for a CD recording. Is that a typing error? Was it a misprint? Didn't they mean the "Message of the Music" and not vice-versa? Let me assure you that the answer is NO! There is no misprint and the title is correct. Infused with the belief that many gospel songs somehow left out the "gospel", Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne began birthing song after song like "Anywhere" and "Jehovah-Jireh", celebrating the fact that they were born out of the scriptures and not just a desire or ability to write. Gospel music doesn't give us a message. The "message" (gospel) gives us the music. Have you ever heard lovely Christian songs that sounded beautiful but somehow didn't have much biblical support? While some believe that many "gospel songs", have stepped away from the "gospel", The Music of the Message takes a serious approach to connecting the scripture with the music. Supporting the songs found on Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne's music CD, his companion book will give clarity to the biblical connection between the two.


Konstnären: Bishop Brian Anderson-Payne
Titel: Music of the Message
Genre: Gospel
Releasedatum: 2008-09-16
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 186960000301
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