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Every Nation Tribe & Tongue

Every Nation Tribe & Tongue

  • Genom Bill Drake
  • Release 2007-08-14
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media-Format CD
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Every Nation Tribe and Tongue is a project like no other. It is doubtful if anything so comprehensive has ever been attempted in a music/missions/media combined effort. Packaged as a double CD, we have a music CD of 14 original songs from a worship time at an Operation Mobilization conference with International worship leader and recording artist Bill Drake, along with an accompanying CD-ROM that provides extensive coverage through music notation, projection slides, along with translations of the songs in the major languages of planet earth. And that's just the start of the CD-ROM. Also included is an around-the-world survey of OM International, complete with introductions to OM's ministry in scores of nations, as well as complete contact information for each OM base. All navigated at a world map, we are just a couple clicks away from a tour of the whole planet through the diverse ministry of the OM teams serving in almost 100 nations. The tour also includes videos at most stops, allowing visual penetration into the culture and lifestyle of your around-the-world journey. And if English is not your main language, the entire tour can be accessed through four other languages as well. One can also use the CD-ROM as an OM prayer guide across the globe, or access an international online address book for the whole movement. Moving on to the live worship, the songs include some of the best from OM's ever-popular Teen Street conferences, along with the well-loved songs from Bill Drake's worship concerts. One appreciates the effort to keep the live worship service both energetic at times, intimate at times, but without musical complication. The rhythm section plays very well but for the most part does not over-play. One especially appreciates the fact that worship leader Bill Drake stands against common practice and does not interject too much comment and personality into the live worship setting. He let's the songs speak for themselves. And how they speak! The theme of worship as dedication and sacrifice weave throughout the recording continuously. There is a theme and variations relentless restatement of commitment that punctuates the whole service. Worship is portrayed as an offering of our whole being. Phrases like 'I surrender all my life to You to live in Your image...we fall down and worship, we present our lives as a sacrifice...there's a passion that is burning to be a man after God's own heart...I am living to be poured out for Your truth...I live to give You glory and give myself away...forsaking what's behind I'm going to press on toward the mark...every day in every way I long to worship You...I will worship You, give my life to You...I surrender all to You, I will yield my will to You...fill us with fire, Your holy desire to serve You as Savior and long as I live my life I will give to glory Your name.' What we have here is the fuller expression of Biblical worship--the presentation of not just the words from our lips but the offering of our whole lives, laying them down in love and dedication to the One who is worthy. One comes away from experiencing both the music and the CD-ROM with one overarching banner across the whole project--Comprehensive. The music is a comprehensive statement of worship. The CD-ROM is a comprehensive coverage of one movement's attempt to live out that message nation to nation, people to people.


Konstnären: Bill Drake
Titel: Every Nation Tribe & Tongue
Genre: Gospel
Releasedatum: 2007-08-14
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 634479604485