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  • Genom Beggars
  • Release 2006-12-05
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media-Format CD
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The Beggars - music of Australia Renee was born on the family farm in Esperance in Western Australia. When her family was forced off the farm by hard times her granddad went back to the Queensland cattle drives, a trade he had learned as a boy and Renee moved with her family to Adelaide. Quinton and Stuart both paid their dues in touring bands traveling through the big cities, country towns and tiny outback communities. Often playing over 300 shows a year in all kinds of venues and sometimes when they were way off the beaten track setting their show up on the red earth it's self. When they were finished with the touring life they returned to Adelaide where they met Renee and formed The Beggars in 2006. Press: "Super Australian band Renee Donaghey is a genius." Bote der urschweiz Lucerne. Feb 2008. [Switzerland] 'Her voice leaves no doubt, perfect." HAZ Feb 2008 [Germany] "Stunning self penned song that has already achieved top 10 chart success throughout Europe'. - The Latest News Oct 2007 [Australia] "10/10 I have always said that there's some great music coming from the land down under and this is a fine example!!" Metrocountry May 2007 [UK] "As individuals they all sing brilliantly, but then, when they sing their song together, it's amazing!" - Adelaide Bands Oct 2005 [Australia] Beggars CD [reviewed here by Adrienne Sheerin] The brand new Beggars self-titled debut CD is a real charmer! The collection of 14 original songs, plus one cover, is a unique collaboration between three very talented singer/songwriters, Renee Donaghey, Stuart Day and Quinton Dunne. The album was recorded at The Cheese Factory with Kim Webster and produced by Stuart Day. Guest musician was masterful drummer, Craig Lauritsen, with the Beggars providing all other instrumental and vocal parts. The first thing that strikes you about this debut CD, is it's variety of songs and warmth of sound. Beggars are an acoustic-based trio with the textures of guitar and double bass interspersed with occasional violin, mandolin, harmonica and subtle percussion. This is a familiar combination of instruments that lends itself to many genres and has allowed the Beggars to display their individual songwriting skills to great effect. Then there are the vocals. This is definitely one of their fortes. All three members are experienced and competent singers in their own right. However, when they come together to do harmonies, the sound is really something. It's lush and full. The styles covered on this debut CD include acoustic roots, country, pop, easy listening and adult contemporary, with one traditional folk song added and a humorous piece of Australiana thrown in. However what Beggars have done, is taken their favourite styles and truly made them their own. For example, Stuart's songs, 'Such a Lovely Day' and 'Postman' have a wonderful, breezy, 60's pop feel to them with echoes of The Byrds, particularly on 'Such a Lovely Day'. His other songs like 'Just a Dream' and 'I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry' are smooth 'bossa-nova' crooners that are pure velvet! Then there is Quinton's 'Hey Momma'. It's a laid back Beatle-esque number with a very catchy chorus. Quinton also contributes the song 'Flying', a Van Morrison style ballad which literally soars, with it's evocative imagery and poetic lyrics, all rolling over a 6/8 pulse. Another highlight is Renee's 'Letter From You'. This sweet pop song can only be described as an instant classic, with it's cruisy feel, appealing melody and perfect chorus! Her two other songs on this CD include the gentle, melancholic, 'Rest In Pieces' and the dynamic, 'Preacher, I Have Sinned'. The only cover on the Beggars debut CD, is a traditional folk song, 'The Water is Wide'. This song dates back to the 1800's. It comes from an even older song, a Scottish tune called 'O Waly, Waly' that dates back to the 1700's! The Beggars' tasteful arrangement brings it right into the Twenty First Century. It's a lovely addition to the set. In complete contrast to this song, is the hilarious 'Kangaroo'. It's the last song on the album and it's a pearler! Written by Stuart and the imitable Terry Bradford, it's aussie-country at it's finest! The Beggars debut CD has clearly been a labour of love. It's a captivating album that should win many new fans for this talented trio. # # # #.


Konstnären: Beggars
Titel: Beggars
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 2006-12-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 9328058004636