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Dream Therapy

Dream Therapy

  • Genom Bedtime Story
  • Release 2005-03-08
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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The concept of this music is clear: 'Dreamy poetics in the form of music: Pare away the noise and feel the essence.' In other words, keep it simple. The music itself is practiced restraint with space around the notes and rhythms in order to allow the organic nature of sound itself to become what it is. But the music itself is not all about notes and rhythms, the lyrics are poetry in it's truest form with three of the album's songs spontaneously written and recorded. Titles run from the seemingly cynical 'Love is Not Surveillance' and 'I Hate You/Take Care of Me' to the sacred like 'Hail Mary'. The three core musicians--Catherine Conlin, Hugo Godoy and Scot Velardo--all come from different musical backgrounds. Conlin has classical piano training as well as traditional jazz rhythm guitar, having played with the Studio 13 Jass band that originated at the San Francisco Art Institute. Godoy, from El Salvador, adds a Latin American beat to the mix with a drum kit which includes Bongos, Congas, a Native American Sioux drum made an old cottonwood tree stump with skins stretched across, a gourd with a bead skirt, bells and a galvanized trash can. He played with The Beth Custer Band until he and Conlin paired up to develop Bedtime Story. Velardo, on guitar, harmonica, EBow and other esoteric instruments, hitch-hiked his way up the punk highway and played in bands such as Seasaw and Swan Dive, launching his music out on his own small label. He is currently involved with The Conspiracy of Beards, a local favorite a capella Leonard Coheen cover band. Add Daniel Flores--who just released his own CD--on classical guitar and sound engineer Jim Fourniadis on bass and other instruments and the mix is sometimes mellifluous, sometimes edgy and dissonant. Fourniadis says it's the 'bastard love-child of Bjork and Leonard Cohen.' Art Historian L.G. Williams' drawing class says, 'it's either high genius or terrible.' Conlin calls the sound, Post-Punk-Partum. Dream Therapy is dedicated to the living spirit of the legendary Beat painter and long-time significant other of Catherine Conlin, Wally Hedrick, who died in December of 2003.


Konstnären: Bedtime Story
Titel: Dream Therapy
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2005-03-08
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 825346943725