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Country Ballads

Country Ballads

  • Genom Becky Schlegel
  • Release 2008-12-05
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media-Format CD
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Becky Schlegel has done it again. Following the wildly successful CD "Heartaches" which showcased her stunning vocals on eleven country classics and two originals, Becky has released "Country Ballads." As the name suggests, Becky wends her way through some of the finest ballads in the history of country music. Never short on emotion, always on top of the notes that make you smile, cry and remember the finest times of your life. From the opening "End of the World" straight from the songbook of Skeeter Davis ("Don't they know, it's the end of the world..."), you know Becky's got what it takes to sing country. And, just as Skeeter was one of the first stars to cross over from country to pop music, Becky is just right for any audience. John Hartford's "Gentle On My Mind" never sounded so sweet. Complete with Phil Hey's gentle drumming and Brian Fesler's rolling banjo, Mr. Hartford would be proud. Who could forget "Satin Sheets"? Did you know that when Jeanne Pruett first released this song in 1973, she personally hand-cut 1600 pink satin sheets and sent them to the radio stations? Here's a song that was controversial at the time, classic by today's standards. Becky is often praised with a comparison to Dolly Parton. Does Becky sound like Dolly? We cherish the kind thought while leaving that answer to you. But there is no doubt-if you like Dolly you will appreciate Becky's fine tribute in "Love Is Like A Butterfly". And speaking of Dolly, let's speak of Patsy Cline. Two of Patsy's greatest hits are paid homage on "Country Ballads." Patsy's music is in good hands... or good voice? Listen to Becky's incredible ending on "Sweet Dreams", and enjoy the quartet backing up "You Belong To Me". Care for Kristofferson? How could one not. What about a tasty Kris Kristofferson gem poured over the sweet, smooth backup of a hot jazz trio? (a la "Country Sunshine" on Becky's "Heartaches" CD). You can't know the satisfaction this brings until you've absorbed it into your own ears. What more can be said about the incredible Michael ("Bluer Than Blue") Johnson. He didn't write "Ponies" and he never recorded it. But Becky heard him sing it on an old cassette and knew she had to release this song. Enjoy the sparse arrangement with Brian Fesler's guitar, Gordon Johnson on the bass and the fabulous Michael Witcher on resophonic guitar. "Release Me" ('Please release me, let me go... I don't love you anymore...') is just classic country-enough said. "Happy Anniversary" brings us back to the days of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Becky learned this song from her mother, and Becky's producer says he can't even think about her singing it without getting a joyful tear in his eye. It's possibly the most beautiful country music tribute to those who have stayed married. The closer, "Wildwood Flower", is just too sweet. You might just fall in love with someone when you listen. It's Becky's vocals over Brian Fesler's guitar and just takes you right back to 1860 when it was written, or maybe back to your own teen years when you first discovered love and the consequences of it's departure. This track should be in a movie. Lilly Ray Records is proud to bring you this fine recording. If you love country music, ballads, or just plain fine singing, this is for you. CREDITS Musicians: Becky Schlegel - Vocals Brian Fesler - Guitars, Banjo, Vocals Gordon Johnson - Bass Kenny Wilson - Pedal Steel Guitar Benny Weinbeck - Piano Phil Hey - Percussion Michael Witcher - Resonator Guitar Jed Germond - Fiddle, Mandolin Produced by Becky Schlegel & Brian Fesler cp 2008 Lilly Ray Records Arrangements by Becky Schlegel & Brian Fesler Recorded at Wild Sound StudioMinneapolis, MN - May 2008 Engineer - Matthew Zimmerman Studio Manager - Gerard Boissy Mastered at Wild Sound Studio by Matthew Zimmerman Photography Michael Witcher Graphic Design Becky Schlegel & Tracy Fesler.


Konstnären: Becky Schlegel
Titel: Country Ballads
Genre: Country
Releasedatum: 2008-12-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 789577578821