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As the Surface Breaks

As the Surface Breaks

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Notes/Comments: 'A Heart and Soul Musical Celebration of Life' 'It's a rich experience whether I just listen or sing along! The music is captivating... sometimes it's all I notice. Sometimes the words and the music come together and go right to my heart and ask me to come forward, be more real. The title track does this with amazing artistry. There is a depth and richness here that is not to be missed. If you like Michelle Shocked, The Indigo Girls, Libby Roderick you may want to give Barbara Ansley-Vensas a listen. ' 'Great Raven creates Upbeat Seattle Soul' Biography: Barbara Ansley-Vensas - Singer/Songwriter I grew up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. I have always found music to be a tool for healing the aches and pains of the psyche. When I am singing all the "dis-ease" of life seems to disappear. I have taught 'The Voice of the Soul' and 'Anyone Can Sing' to help others find their voices. I think everyone has a voice and it needs to be heard. Currently, I am getting to know our new home town, Ellensburg, and I am working on my art, music and all the adventures that life brings. David Vensas - The Lyricist David was born in Minnesota before Y2K was a problem. During the 60s everyone he knew told him he had a terrible singing voice, so he turned to writing poetry. Poetry writing turned into song writing and helped bring some sense to a first marriage, college and the Vietnam war. David moved to the Northwest in 1978 and continued writing. His musical influences could be found just about anywhere you turned a radio dial, in artists ranging from Robert Hunter to Emmylou Harris to Ricky Scaggs to Laurie Lewis. When he's not waking in the night 'to the sounds as the surface breaks', and desperately trying to separate lyrics from dreams, David can be found managing an awesome team of Enterprise Test software testers at T-Mobile. Barbara and David currently reside in Ellensburg, WA with their 2 cats, Thomas and Teddy. Both have earned degrees, but only list them on their resumes.


Konstnären: Barbara Ansley-Vensas
Titel: As the Surface Breaks
Genre: Folk
Releasedatum: 2008-03-18
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 671245100024