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Disconnect Yourself

Disconnect Yourself

  • Genom Audiovoid
  • Release 2005-02-08
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Media-Format CD
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Front Line Assembly, Neon Judgment and Meat Beat Manifesto are just a few of Audiovoid's early influences and in this riveting 11-song collection of original material, Lindsey R. Green pays homage to them all. Following up 2002's mind-blowing 'Twilight Machine', Lindsey delivers an Industrial-breakbeat tour de force that is both timeless & nostalgic. This compact disc is industry standard and will play in all CD players. Deluxe packaging includes gatefold insert with original full-length cover art, photos and details on how to link to extended / alternate mixes of the Disconnect Yourself sessions. Bio. Lindsey R. Green (a.k.a. Audiovoid) grew up in Healdsburg, a small town in Northern California. Since he was very young, he has been interested in art and music. His fascination with old drum machines and vintage keyboards first developed around the age of 9, thanks to his dad, who snatched them up at flea markets and swap meets. At 11 he started playing electronic guitar and soon thereafter joined a local Death Metal band called 'Lamia'. Although never limiting himself to just one genre of music, by 1994 he realized he was listening to a lot of electronic music. It was mostly the emerging Sci-trance sound but also groups like 'The Orb' and 'Art of Noise'. During his high school years, Lindsey's appetite for new electronic music was no longer satisfied by just passively listening. Inspired by a few local DJs, Lindsey bought his first pair of Technics 1200s. Little did he know his education was just beginning. For starters, Lindsey had always thought spinning was actually 'making your own beats' by putting two records together. Long before club consoles were equipped with samplers and built-in effects, he believed that all DJs were sampling and reproducing their own beats through the mixer. He was rather disappointed to discover that spinning was, in fact, just blending two records together and that all the cool effects and build-ups were already pre-recorded. Undeterred, he decided to take things a step further and bought a Yamaha SU-10 sampler. By this point he was actually starting to learn (and to love) mixing and beat matching. As his knowledge grew, so did his record collection. House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Experimental- there were now no limits to what he could mix. After being offered a deal on a Kawai K-5000 Analog Modeling Synth, Lindsey began playing keyboard over various records. He acquired his first computer shortly after that and it all took off from there. In 2002 Lindsey compiled 80 minutes of material from various demos and created his first full length CD, 'Twilight Machine'. In 2003, Ultra Records nominated him a top finalist in Sasha's 'Wavy Gravy' remix contest. Currently available is his second full length CD, 'Disconnect Yourself', released 11 June 2004 on MDEX Recordings. Lindsey continues to produce electronic music of all different styles, occasionally adding in his own guitar and vocal work. His groundbreaking DJ sets are often accompanied by a laptop and Pioneer's CDJ. Keep your eyes and ears open for this versatile DJ/Producer because there is much more to come.


Konstnären: Audiovoid
Titel: Disconnect Yourself
Genre: Electronic
Releasedatum: 2005-02-08
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 733792481121
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