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All the Time in the World

All the Time in the World

  • Genom The Audiants
  • Release 2002-08-20
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media-Format CD
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Ah, youth. Here's what I wrote in this space five years ago when asked to describe the band: 'Are you listening to the band or is the band listening to you? The moment is disconcerting. There is a surprising insistence underlying the music coming from your speakers; a refusal to be part of the background. A hungry ghost has entered the room; the shadow of human contact in the Age of Information. Through the numbness of over-saturation, you are gently compelled toward active participation in the process of listening. Without you, the songs are simply binary code, but with you, they are a dialog between two selves, translated by a machine; a conversation that moves constantly toward resolution, but will never end.' Jeez, somebody get this guy a book deal. Here's what I wrote today, for our new release, 'There Is Only Tonight.' A little more succinct, no? The Audiants began in 1996 in Boston, MA, as a solo project for singer/songwriter Tim Marten. In 1996 and '97, playing all the intruments himself, he recorded the 'Just In Case' E.P., which was eventually used to secure a four piece live band consisting of Tim on guitar and vocals, Matthew Agoglia playing keyboards, Mark Kaefer on drums and Brian York on bass. This line-up lasted from 2000 to 2002, during which time The Audiants debut album, 'All the Time in the World' was released. After the band's amicable split, Tim began work on the next stage of The Audiants. With longtime musical partner Matthew Agoglia--now based in NYC--engineering and playing keyboards, Tim recorded The Audiants' second full-length album, 'There Is Only Tonight', again playing all the instruments himself. Shortly after the release of 'There Is Only Tonight,' Tim moved from Boston to Los Angeles, to put together another live version of The Audiants.


Konstnären: The Audiants
Titel: All the Time in the World
Genre: Rock
Releasedatum: 2002-08-20
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 600665774027
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