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  • Genom Atoms in Eve
  • Release 2008-06-24
  • Musikgenre International
  • Media-Format CD
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Atoms in Eve consists of Aparajit Hazarilal on sarod, elsar (electric sarod) and vocals, Xian Green on live and programmed percussion and Karl Brinker on bass. Aparajit Hazarilal is a student of Pt. Buddhadev DasGupta and has been learning the sarod since 1994. He comes from a musical background with his parents, Pt. Hazarilal and Smt. Sunayana being famous exponents and teachers of Kathak and belonging to the Pt. Janaki Prasad Gharana of Benares. Janaki Prasad was the inventor of the Bara khadi (12 syllables) of this particular school of dance. From early childhood, Aparajit was exposed to musicians and music with the likes of Ustad Latif Ahmed Khan, Ustad Nizamuddin Khan and Ustad Inam Ali Khan being frequent guests as were Pt. Ravi Shankar and other great musicians. While passionate about music, Aparajit was never allowed to pursue it as a career due to the hardships his parents faced as performing artists. While his father did want him to play the sarod, it was very hard to find a teacher of this tremendously difficult instrument. It was not until his father's death in 1992 that he began earnestly seeking a teacher and guide who appeared in the form of Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta two years later. Aparajit has performed traditional Indian classical music at several venues including the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati and the University of Denver. Always seeking more creative outlets, his chance meeting with Xian Green and Karl Brinker inspired him to take some of the ideas that had always been brewing in his head while pursuing traditional music and put a definite shape to them in the form of this album. Xian began his creative journey as a theater and visual arts major, but quickly gravitated towards music and percussion. Xian began searching out new sounds and was influenced by everything from Swedish metal to electronica, be-bop, hip hop, soul and pop. But when he was introduced to Indian Classical music in the early 90's in California it resonated with him. The rhythmic nature of this genre and it's emphasis on odd meters and interplay with the soloist prompted him to pursue similar avenues in his own music. He worked with some local jazz players in the group 'Solar Broadcast System' and continued to delve deeper into improvisation and timbre. As Xian started becoming more groove-oriented and began programming loops, he found the perfect palette for expression working with Karl (his band-mate in the Websters for 10 years) and Aparajit in Atoms in Eve. Xian is influenced most by film, color, humor, darkness, texture and polarity. Born in Frederick, Maryland, Karl Brinker's musical interests were cultivated early. Through the influence of his father's love for jazz and growing up in the era of progressive rock, Karl discovered a wealth of music not presented on mainstream radio. He studied trumpet and tuba in school. At eighteen, he sold his trumpet to buy his first bass. Early influences focused on jazz fusion such as Jean Luc Ponti and MahaVishnu orchestra. His approach to the bass' role in music was shifted after reading an interview with Frank Zappa who expressed his difficulty in finding a bass player who was willing to just play ostinatos and serve the song without wanting to add embellishment. After pondering Frank's predicament, Karl decided to strive to be the type of player who could surrender his ego and offer unconditional support to the music. Inspired by Miles Davis, Kenny Werner, Bill Laswell and others, Karl leaned towards a minimalist approach, tempering his playing like carving away a stone to reveal it's soul. Karl found an ideal environment for creativity with Aparajit and Xian in Atoms in Eve. Karl has played for various bands such as the Peppermint Subway, Websters and Real Live Humans. In addition to bass, Karl plays the guitar.


Konstnären: Atoms in Eve
Titel: Mass
Genre: International
Releasedatum: 2008-06-24
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 659696182127
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