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Heart Breaks-Un Coeur Meurt

Heart Breaks-Un Coeur Meurt

  • Genom The Artist C
  • Release 2006-12-05
  • Musikgenre Easy Listening
  • Media-Format CD
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ABOUT...The Artist C Chantal Legault, a singer and songwriter from the Pontiac region, has a dream that is rapidly coming true not only for her country, but for other talented Canadian artist's in the music world. Known as The Artist C, This petite little lady has a voice that is filled with depth, power and a variety of octaves. She can sing just about anything, in English and in French. Her sound has a mix of Lisa Stanfield and Annie Lennox with a taste of soul. Listening to the sound of her voice, it is apparent that she can "get into the groove" with the best of them. No matter what you call it. "It is writing and singing from the soul and heart" she says with a smile. She writes produces and programs all of her keyboard and drum tracks and collaborates with other musicians. The Artist C is filled with a strong drive and creative energy that is somehow balanced between being a wife and mother. "There are not enough hours in the day to do all that I have planned." She says on a serious note. "When I have a vision of a project I want to get it done quickly!" adding, "If I say I am going to do something, I do it." This singer and songwriter's dream of enhancing the music culture of Canada and bringing the R&B sound to her community and surrounding areas is rapidly coming true. At a young age, she knew that her destiny was to be a recording artist. Chantal recorded her first full solo album in 1993 in Toronto and was involved with a variety of recording projects with different artists; Bentwind, Donna Makeda, Trevor, Lana, Gitano and others. In 1998, C moved to Montreal where she shared her powerful voice at a variety of nightclubs, weddings and corporate events. She also joined the International circuit with a Morocco Tour, which kept her on the road for almost 4 months sharing her talent. In September 2004 C moved once again, this time to the Pontiac, a beautiful region located one hour north of Ottawa. Since her move C performed in many venues and worked in the studio recording some brand new songs for her upcoming album, which will be released on November 24th 2006 and on sale at Last year in October of 2005 she would catch the eye of the popular talk show host in the United States, Ellen Degeneres. After Degeneres heard the theme song that Chantal wrote for the show. Degeneres stated, "It is cool and groovy," playing it on her show eight times in a two weeks period. Active always in her community, she performed some of her songs at a benefit show in November of 2005. The profits of the show went to the Shawville Hospital Palliative Care unit and for the creation of the Pontiac Stage Artists Coop. Chantal is also one of the people who will create the coop, which will offer several services to it's members. Since that show, C has been involved in many fundraisers in the community. C one day said; "The more God blesses you with abilities, talents and resources, the more you must give in return to others. It is your responsibility to give back." July 1, 2006 C performed at Canada Day. Chantal has also participated in many festivals, including the Festival de la chanson de Granby, when she was only 16 years of age. She was also invited to perform on a few television shows, such as Star dun Soir aired on CBC and X-Tendamix on Much Music. Knowing the importance of communicating with other artist's and the desire to promote Canada's musicians and her own music, Chantal discovered the American internet sensation, MY SPACE. This worldwide cyber space community reaches the far corners of the globe and allows people to network on a variety of subjects. Seeing the unlimited possibilities The Artist C created a web page entitled, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS PROMOTIONS. The Circle rapidly became a popular site for other INDIE artist's to interact and also connect with people who appreciate their crafts. Circle of Friends features independent artists who also dream of bringing their creative gifts to the world, from recording artists to novelist and a variety of other creative talents in visual arts. Circle of Friends was an immediate hit throughout the world and just answering the mail has become an overwhelming task. Currently, The Artist C is preparing to launch her new album on November 24 2006 in Montreal, where her CD will be available for sale. __ ABOUT....The Album THE ARTIST C IS BRINGING IT TO YOU ON NOVEMBER 24TH. ON CDBABY.COM The Artist C is out of the recording studio and is ready to bring her new album to you at last. You will find her on, this coming November 24th 2006, so stay tuned and get ready to add this album to your collection. It is a diverse package of delicious tracks that brings you to a variety of moods, feelings and sound about life and love. It represents 15% of her catalogue, written between 1993 and 2006, all arranged and produced by her, to the exception of one. The real nice mid-tempo song "Would You", comes from a group of songwriters in Sweden. The Artist C met Johan Walhstrom on My Space who presented the track to C, a song that Johan wrote with Torbjorn Stener, Mats Ronander & Maria Brage. You will also find a French song written by Louise Forrestier & Zackarie Richard. "What's going on with the world" is a song she wrote from her awareness of becoming a mother as she questions what her child is going to have to face in life upon this earth. The sound of gypsy violins kicks off "A Heart Breaks" telling us the story of love lost. This track is also in French "Un coeur meurt"...yes she can sing in French which can be a not so easy thing to do when translating the lyrics and feelings of a song but C brings it to her French fans on target. On the sexy track "I wanna feel soft" you cruise with the beat of what every woman desires from her man and for herself. You will be amazed at the variety of vocal range that The Artist C is capable of reaching. She can bring it "down" and "low" or reaching those high ranges that will blow you away. There are many more hot tracks to delight your ears and senses on this album that show her amazing range and talent. The countdown has celebrate The Artist C is bringing it to you November 24th... It comes directly from you, the listeners. Elaina Proffitt-Free Lance Writer Reno, Nevada USA.


Konstnären: The Artist C
Titel: Heart Breaks-Un Coeur Meurt
Genre: Easy Listening
Releasedatum: 2006-12-05
Etikett: CD Baby
Media-Format: CD
UPC: 829982093356
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